Import taxes from the USA

  TOMWAT 07:42 19 Mar 2005

I purchased an upgrade of memory and graphics card from Crucial. Without any prior warning that I know of, I am now being hounded by Fedex for £41.14 on my order. I have since been informed by Crucial that firstly I should have ordered through their UK site and as it stands all import taxes are not their responsibility. I was not prewarned of this situation but now have been landed with an extra cost which I thought was included.

  Forum Editor 08:34 19 Mar 2005

prices everything in dollars, there's an option for you to select the UK site, and there's a clear warning that "UK VAT applied to all applicable orders. All other local taxes not included." Import duty, which is the responsibility of the purchaser, not the seller, is payable on all imported goods.

Crucial probably comes in for more praise than any other company in our forum, and I don't think I can recall ever seeing a complaint about this particular problem with them before. Most people seem to find the UK site pretty easily, and I think you'll just have to put this one down to experience and pay Fedex, who have paid the duty on your behalf.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:12 19 Mar 2005

Import duties are common knowledge or so I thought. It is not Crucial that have the money it is HM Tax Dept. so your question should be addressed to them. I have ordered a lot of stuff from the States (mainly from It takes around 17 days to arrive as I use the $20 freight option. It is all clearly labelled and the cost is visible. I have never been asked to pay import duty which leads me to believe that it is a lottery.


  Belatucadrus 11:43 19 Mar 2005

Too true, general rule is £18 and under they don't bother. Above that there's VAT and an administration charge though application of this is a bit hit and miss. Factor it in to your costs and count yourself lucky if they miss you.

  TOMWAT 13:08 19 Mar 2005

Thanks for the response.
I agree the response and service you get from Crucial are second to none and maybe it is down to me not looking properly.
Once again thanks for the advice.

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