Image quality, digital v. 35mm

  Tenner 15:33 06 Aug 2003

There will be those amongst us who are really interested in the scientific evaluation of this aspect of photography - which is 'best' and at what cost to achieve parity.

click here

Seriously, enjoy ;-)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:00 06 Aug 2003

The man is a true geek..........he takes the phrase 'in-depth' to new boundaries; anyone find a conclusion?. I detest the dire landscapes that are produced ad nauseum but his landscapes are rather good.


  mole44 20:07 06 Aug 2003

i once met a man from Kodak who bore the pants of me with the ins and outs of the emulsion on there films had a heck of a job getting rid of he was a true geek.

  Wilham 23:30 06 Aug 2003

I think it's pseudo scientific. Too many points are unsubstatiated. But worth looking at.

  Wilham 23:32 06 Aug 2003

"unsubstantiated"....getting late for me.

  March Hare 00:21 07 Aug 2003

Information overload - blowing fuses here!

  Mango Grummit 01:21 07 Aug 2003

Lol, it's awful. People might even read it but for the fact the guy is a waffler who does not believe in using one word where ten will do.

  Tenner 18:49 07 Aug 2003

I make no claims for this site, it isn't mine, and I'm not the first to find it.

I have to hold my hands up and admit - most of it went straight over my head ! Seriously, so many comments have been made recently along the lines 'digital cannot compare with 35mm for quality' whilst others claim '2mp can be enlarged to A3', I simply searched to see if either could be disproved. This, to me, showed that others had tried to research the topic and produced some useful info. In addition, it had useful 'pointers' to various cameras, which would be useful if I ever had that sort of money to spend.

Mango Grummit : in the words of minor TV celebrity 'We're ALL different'. Some will no doubt get useful info from the man's work, whilst others will simply get LOL - maybe you just have to get past the chaff... one day, I'll try to get round to checking some of the links.

Wilham : pseudo scientific ...? for instance ? - I'm just interested in your comment. It;s a bit above Amateur Photograper level, you have to admit.

GANDALF <|:-)> : imagine the opportunity to experience, as well as shoot, such landscapes from your kitchen window - beats the Likey Hills, eh ? Just one shot like any one of his on my hols and I'd be chuffed for ages.

Just thought somebody else might be interested, that's all. ( Not going off in fit of pique ! nor throwing things from pram. Just amused at some reactions ! )


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