I'm sorry

  Forum Editor 23:56 24 Aug 2003

but I can't see how we can help. When you sign up with AOl (or any other ISP for that matter) you agree to accept their conditions of service.

If you breach said conditions you are liable to have your account suspended or terminated - it's their decision. AOL online moderators make decisions based on their own judgments - I do the same in this forum - and there's no rule that says those decisions have to be explained or justified.

My experience in this forum is that everyone who has their access terminated feels a sense of injustice, and I suppose that's only to be expected. What one person calls "apalling" may be acceptable to another. It's impossible to edit or moderate an online forum based on a strict set of rules, and to a large degree you make editorial decisions on the fly. In my case the overriding principle is that of common decency. I will not tolerate personal abuse, racially offensive comment, religious intolerance, sexually explicit remarks, incitements to boycott suppliers, or statements likely to be libellous.

Forgive me, but calling people "thought-nazis" is offensive in the extreme, and if that's a sample of the tenor of your forum contributions it hardly surprises me that you are in suspension.

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