I'm not aware

  Forum Editor 18:59 02 Dec 2003

of anyone from Acer having a presence here, but you never know. Microsoft keep an eye on us, that I do know, so maybe Acer do.

In any event, you need to draw a line in the sand with this, and I suggest that you put something in writing as soon as possible. Send them a letter, amd send it by special delivery. Tell them that you want a definite forecast as to when the machine will be with you. You don't say when you bought this computer, but if the fault manifested itself within six months of purchase you're on very strong ground, and you should press that point politely but firmly. Under the terms of the Sale of goods to consumers regulations the company must effect the repair and return the machine in full working order within a 'reasonable' time. The term 'reasonable' isn't defined in the legislation, but to my mind a period of three weeks would be about it.

If you were told the computer had been shipped a week ago something has obviously gone wrong, and you need some serious customer service input from Acer.

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