im looking for advice about segway

  sarahm0201 14:43 16 Dec 2015

I bought my son a segway from wowcher and now with loads being recalled im am concerned mine is a danger is there any way of finding this out? thanks

  wee eddie 16:08 16 Dec 2015

Illegal on Public Highways

  onthelimit1 17:26 16 Dec 2015

And illegal on pavements. Long article in the telegraph today - most major sellers (Amazon, John Lewis etc) are offering refunds with concerns about the batteries catching fire. Article here.

  Nontek 17:55 16 Dec 2015

Hmm, do you mean an actual Segwa, or do you mean the latest Hover Board craze? Segwa has been around for some time now, but the Hoverboards are the ones which are causing all the recent problems.

  Nontek 17:56 16 Dec 2015

Oops, for Segwa read Segway!!

  Nontek 18:01 16 Dec 2015

Click here

Images shows Hoverboard and Segway!

1]: [click here

  spuds 18:12 16 Dec 2015

There is quite a bit of information on the internet, here's one example, taken four hours ago click here

  Nontek 22:17 16 Dec 2015

If you have bought a Segway, these have been in existance for over a decade, tried and tested with plenty in use today.

If you have bought a Hoverbosrd, these are recent, not fully tried and tested, hence all the problems one reads about.

Segways and Hoverboards are two different things.

  robin_x 07:20 17 Dec 2015

Or is it one of these?

Need the exact model number you bought.

  RV510 13:33 17 Dec 2015

Whichever it turns out to be you will need to find out what restrictions to its use apply, age, insurance, local Council by-Laws etc. Also be aware that it being 'powered' it may come under the Highways Act classification of a 'pedestrian operated motorised vehicle' in which case you'd need a licence to use it.

  Nontek 17:47 17 Dec 2015

I hate it when a person asks a question and then appears to ignore all replies!

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