i,m gutted

  picklsey 15:01 10 Sep 2005

first i was on the aol 8meg trial it was great,it ended on the 5th sept.back to 2meg.

second i am moving house next week and now i find out i,ll be lucky if i can get 1meg as i wiil be about 3 miles from the exchange.IT JUST IS,NT FAIR(weep)

  pj123 15:57 10 Sep 2005

I sympathise with you. What can I say? Don't move!!

When you move house these days, not only do you have to look at where the Schools, Churches, Airports, Police Stations, Buses/Trains are you also have to find out whether you can get Broadband or not.

  wiz-king 16:15 10 Sep 2005

Can you get it by cable or do you have to resort to satellite. My boss at work is getting satellite as I keep sending him big files and they take forever to download. Don't fret, there there then, think of all the decorating you can do between page downloads!

  Pooke 18:37 10 Sep 2005

Don't fret, there there then, think of all the decorating you can do between page downloads!

lol, you're evil.

  The Spires 19:06 10 Sep 2005

Life with half a meg won't to be bad, now dial up... :-)

  picklsey 03:31 11 Sep 2005

that,s right pick on the fat one while he,s down.

The Spires i don,t think there is much difference between half a meg and dial up.

wiz-king no cable satellite would probably be to expensive,but your right on one thing the whole house needs done up so it probably won,t start effecting me till then as (she who thinks she must be obeyed)says no decorating no pc.(boo whooo)

  wiz-king 07:12 11 Sep 2005

Not too bad a deal click here but you need to search around as prices vary enormously. A couple of hours on Google would sort it out - or blow your mind!

  harps1h 09:06 11 Sep 2005

i'm moving house in november and will be only 500 yards from the exchange and will be able to move from 1mb to 2mb

  Sapins 11:43 11 Sep 2005

I'm not moving house so I'll be able to continue with my 2mb connection :-)

I've got some paint brushes to sell though!

  picklsey 13:04 11 Sep 2005

yip it blew my mind i,ll give it a miss thanks anyway

Sapins the boss made sure i am well stocked up on paint brushes and rollers though as you have plenty of paint brushes why don,t you put them to a very good cause and come and give me a hand.

right to be serious does any one know with all these upgrades at the exchanges going on,(ie as i said on my first post i was on the aol 8meg trial)if they were to enable the exchange to put out 8 meg would that allow the ones further away to recieve say 2meg.or am i just clutching at straws.thanks all.

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