I'm Famous at last!!

  Harpur 08:55 16 May 2006

happened to do a google for computer suppliers in Northern Ireland and there i am on the first! page with this link. click here

How cool is that folks!!

this time next year please call me Sir Harpur

  Stuartli 10:11 16 May 2006

...I think you will find you are just one of many PCA forum members who are featured on Google, thanks to their contributions to a wide range of subjects.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:29 16 May 2006

Type in 'Wormwood Scrubs' or 'madame Olroyd's Home for the Incurably Optimistic' and you will find many more.

  Harpur 10:32 16 May 2006

c'mon folks at least let me enjoy a few minutes of fame if not 15! what a load of damp squibs your are today. perhaps happy pills all round??

  Stuartli 10:52 16 May 2006

Try typing your full name into Google and/or your postcode.

You will be very surprised just how much information will turn up.

  Mavericke 00:40 18 May 2006

That is true though as nothing is virtually a secret anymore with internet.

  hssutton 10:00 19 May 2006

Tried that and guess what? I was top of the first page. I must be almost famous :)

  Stuartli 10:05 19 May 2006

You must be to come top of approximately eight billion web pages...:-)

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