Illegal movie downloads

  Secret Squirrel 09:32 13 Jun 2005

Can someone please tell me who these people are and are the genuine.
They have sent me an email saying that I have been illegally downloading movies which I never have done so can not understand the reason for this 'fine'.

the mail reads:
Illegal Movie Downloads

Motion Picture Association of America
Encino, California
6/10/2005 4:08:23 AM

Devinder Sehmbi
MAC ADDRESS: 00-11-2F-41-BD-21
Case No.: 0XB7JRM4F3NE65UR

Mr. Sehmbi,

It has been brought to our attention by Lionel
Le clex that you have been involved in the unauthorized
downloading and transferring of licensed movies.

Federal laws mandate that you immediately cease and desist all
illegal activities pertaining to movie theft. Further, you are
required by law to pay all incurred penalties in conjunction
with Amendment 34-C, officially passed on January 30, 2005.

In accordance with state jurisdictions, your failure to pay
these penalties in full within 30 days of receipt of this notice
will result in a warrant for your arrest. We are also required
by law to inform you that a second offense will result in a
minimum jail sentence of 90 days.

Penalties incurred in your particular case may be reviewed on
our government Web site. All cases are deemed confidential.
Penalties are assessed by each individual download, charged at a
nonnegotiable rate of $1,200 per infraction. Click your specific
case number (Case No.: 0XB7JRM4F3NE65UR
click here) to view
the total amount due or to dispute your case.


Jack Meihoff
Piracy Agent
Motion Picture Association of America

  Diodorus Siculus 10:22 13 Jun 2005

I would not take it as serious - more like a type of spam / phishing exercise to get your money.

Was it addressed to you by name or simply with your email address?

  wee eddie 10:39 13 Jun 2005

Effectively it is a form of spam.

Do not reply.

If you are still worried,look up the mentioned Organisations on your Search Engine, double check your results with other sites, if you are still getting positive readings.

Wait for the mail, if you haven't got a leg to stand on.

  gudgulf 12:10 13 Jun 2005

You may find this reasuring click here

  gudgulf 12:20 13 Jun 2005

Also try following the link in your email.This is just a spoof message (and spam).....I have followed it for you, and in your case it says you owe $31200....just before a message pops up to tell you "You Suck!".click here for an explaination (from my first post's )link

  spuds 16:15 13 Jun 2005

Secret Squirrel--Bin it, you have been scammed.

Now if it was from the British Phonographic Industry [BPI],for downloading music,then you might have course for concern and perhaps worry :o)

  Secret Squirrel 17:28 13 Jun 2005

Damn these spammers

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:02 13 Jun 2005
  Sharpamatt 09:08 14 Jun 2005

Apart from ignoring this I would also run a system scan to check noting was added to your system such as trogens dialers etc

  joethebow 21:50 15 Jun 2005

1. It is a scam.
2. It has almost definately downloaded some crap. At the very least it will have downloaded a datalogger.
3. You need to, urgently, run a good anti spyware programme and an up to date AVG.

It is in the same guise as the Nigerian Money Laundering Scam. If they send out 10M of these and get money from 0.01% they will still make an awful lot of money.

  Forum Editor 14:25 01 Jul 2005

for illegal downloading (even if you had been guilty of doing it) by an American court unless you had an opportunity to appear in court to defend yourself against the allegation.

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