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I'll give the Talk-Talk BB offer a go

  dagbladet 12:16 23 Apr 2006

I'm giving it a go. I already have Talk Talk 2meg (unl) BB and Talk Talk landline for £20. I pay my line rental (£11) to BT. So for the sake of a couple of mouseclicks it seems I should gain unlimited landline calls to 28 countries and my BB speed could potentially increase by up to 8meg, although I am 700 metres from the exchange. My line rental now goes via CPW. I should be paying £10 less a month. 2 days in and I have recieved my first disappointment, on 'tracking my order' I see that my line speed is not estimated to increase until Dec 2006. Funny how when I checked my number prior to signing up, I simply recieved a catagoric 'YES', and no mention of any delay, certainly not 8 months!. Anyway I will keep you all informed.

  Stuartli 13:03 23 Apr 2006

The "Yes" was to indicate that you could receive the free broadband (as part of the £9.99 TalkTalk International 3 package) and not have to temporarily take up the £10 offer.

  dagbladet 21:32 23 Apr 2006

Right so i'll let you all know how it goes then.

  Stuartli 22:38 23 Apr 2006

By the way, I'm curious to know how you tracked your order as this feature has been disabled for several days now...:-)

  dagbladet 22:59 23 Apr 2006

It's disabled on the offer page, but if you log into the 'my account' page it works...or vice versa

  Stuartli 23:08 23 Apr 2006

Thanks for that. I've tried all ways over the past few days and still no joy now...:-(

  Stuartli 23:14 23 Apr 2006


Tried it in Internet Explorer rather than Firefox and it worked...:-)

However, I never did get a confirmation e-mail, although I'm told my line will be speed upgraded on June 5 (my birthday!) if I am already a TalkTalk customer.

Have to hope that One.Tel counts...

  Stuartli 14:30 24 Apr 2006

Just had a letter from One.Tel (TalkTalk One.Tel) stating that my Select telephone service will be discontinued on May 4th.

Fearing that one organisation hadn't a clue about the other's involvement, I've checked it out on the 0800 number provided and apparently I go onto TalkTalk International 3 on May 5th...:-)

  Stuartli 18:01 24 Apr 2006

>>Once you get your telephone and ADSL for £21/month>>

Don't forget that includes your £11 BT rental...:-)

  Stuartli 18:04 24 Apr 2006

You are as equally pessimistic as my other half, but I have always managed to prove her wrong over 40 years of wedlock to date...:-)

  dagbladet 19:40 24 Apr 2006


Hear exactly what your saying. I'm having a bit of a gamble on this and it could very well go pear-shaped but, what the heck, i'll give it a bash and let you all know what happens.

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