If you want to be (black listed) buy from Mesh

  habs 20:07 31 Oct 2004

Hi everyone

i am writting to tell you, about the problem i got with Mesh company.

I bought a pc from mesh 1 and a half month ago, it was the biggest mistake i have done in my life.
On 15th september i received the pc without the monitor(courier lost it), then when i first switched my pc on the mouse froze,i used my old mouse.Then i found out that they installed SP2, eventhough i told not to install SP2.

I haven't received the software for speaker,motherboard,graphic card.

-I installed program called GO BACK when i restart my pc the pc stop working completely,not even with save mode.

3 days later i called the customer services,and cancelled the agreement with Mesh.
-one week later they send me the return stickers to return the pc.I return the pc back (2 boxes), 1- box the case,2-box the speakers,keyboard,mouse.

When i called the mesh customer services one week later i asked them if they received the boxes they said to me that they received only 1 box, i was so shocked.

They asked me to send them the receipt by fax, i have did that.

I told the customer services so many times please cancel the agreement with the finance company,because i don't want to be black listed, they,said to me we will tell them(finance company), after nearly one month i called mesh again to be sure if they call the finance company they said not yet.

with my biggest shock on Friday 29/10/2004, i received a letter from the finance company, tell me the payment now is in arrear. I have to pay within 5 days.

-Eventhough i told mesh that i have cancelled the direct debit ,and again i told mesh customer service more and more to call the finance company to cancel the agreement, BUT they haven't done anything and now i am black listed because of Mesh.

Last week finally i received the deposite i paid for mesh BUT after what.

In the end if you want to be black listed buy from Mesh.I well never ever buy from them again.


  kinger 20:56 31 Oct 2004

Sorry to hear of your problems, that's unlucky.

I must admit, I ordered a complete system from Mesh but, after all the ballyhoo about SP2 and AMD processors, I decided to cancel it.

They refunded me instantly, no problems.

I may try again early next year.

  genuinefake 21:21 31 Oct 2004

i ordered a base unit about three weeks ago with sp2 installed and evreything has been fine...

i guess its just hit and miss :|

  The Spires 22:26 31 Oct 2004

Not good, I would be one unhappy person.

  Forum Editor 23:25 31 Oct 2004

you need to know is that there's no such thing as a blacklist - it's a myth.

If you default on a credit agreement you may find that your credit record with the big credit referencing agencies is marked as such, but that's understandable - you must never simply stop making payments under a credit agreement. That's because the payments are nothing to do with Mesh - it's the finance company to whom you owe the money. Cancelling a direct debit without the proper paperwork is not a wise move, and that's why you have received the letter.

If you decide to return a computer as 'not fit' you MUST notify the supplier in writing - a telephon call is not sufficient, and you should have been told this at the time.

There's little you can do now, the matter's obviously been brought to a conclusion, but do not post remarks such as "if you want to be black listed buy from Mesh". There's no justification for saying that at all.

  habs 06:28 01 Nov 2004

to the first thing

You are right i shouldn't say(if you want to be black listed buy from Mesh).

  MESH Support 10:18 01 Nov 2004

I am very sorry to hear of your current situation.

If you contact the finance company regarding any possible record of non-payment I am sure they will advise you that due to the circumstances, and the result being that the agreement was cancelled that there will not be any form of "black mark" against you.

If they respond otherwise, please email me at [email protected] remembering to include your screenname (habs) and I will look into this matter for you.


Mesh Support

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