If you thinking of buying from Tiny.

  Monument 17:24 09 Mar 2005

A friend has just bought a Tiny computer package consisting, computer, multi function scanner/printer/copier and digital camera.

He has ben on Blueyonder dial up for a couple of years on an old W98 box. We tried setting up the machine last night.

On firing it up I was astonished to find it only has XP SP1 on it, six months after SP2 came out.

It was not possible to connect to Blueyonder because the modem was tied to Supanet. No mention of this in the manual and no idea how to remove it. Fortunately I recalled this problem and used this site to find a resolution. But the website to deoptimise the modem was down.

The Multifunction device had a european plug and no USB lead. So that could not be connected either.

Finally the Recovery CD promised in the manual was not there. Help though could be sought at £1 per minute!!!!

A company like Tiny's marketing is often pitched at families with little or no knowledge around computers. Faced with these problems most would have had to resort to the help line.

If there is a Tiny presence on this site perhaps they would like to comment.

  Total Care Support 18:27 09 Mar 2005

Hi Monument

With out knowing the account details of your friends system I am limited in what I can comment here, so please have your friend drop me an email with his order details, ie order number, account number and invoice post code.

Microsoft Service pack two is being installed on our new systems, however dependant upon when the system was ordered and what the system is depends on if service pack two was installed. However this is stated at the bottom of the advert to quote one from an advert in issue 117 and 116 of PC Advisor it states “Tiny.COM PCs are preloaded with XPSP1. XPSP2 downloads available from Microsoft”.

We do not upon release of a new service pack or update immediately install it on all our systems, any new update has to be passed though our evaluations department to be tested with all our components, just look at the discussions on forums and internet IT news sites around the date of any service pack release there are nearly always undocumented features, for example the issue with XPSP2 not identifying the Prescott 320D processor correctly leading to systems with incorrect installation having to be reloaded, see both the Microsoft and Intel websites for more info on this, or even TheRegister or even articles in PC Advisor.

With regards to Blueyonder again it is stated in all our adverts both in the press and online and has been since October 2003 that our desktop systems are optimised for use with Supanet. Again not only is this mentioned in the main part of the advert if you look at the details at the bottom of the adverts it states “*Tiny desktops are set up with Supanet which is the only ISP available as default. Customers can use any other ISP upon request” to this end their are a total of 3 national rate support lines for assistance for Deoptimisation along with there have been articals in the IT press and on the forums giving the deoptimisation websites click here ; click here ; click here

If the printer has turned up with only a European plug then please call the customer services line and report this and they can send a correct one out, Printers our sent from us direct from the manufacture and usually are not opened by us except to carry out quality tests, as I am sure you can understand with over 15,000 orders a month leaving here we are limited as to how many we can inspect. But upon reporting a missing item we can send a new cable out.

With regard to the USB this is not included by the manufactures of the printers again stated in the adverts that it is not included.

Finally the reload CD is an optional extra as stated again in all the adverts and as also shown for online purchases as an essential extra.

Technical help within the first 30 days if an extended support package is not purchased is via the 30 Day support line listed at the back of the user guide this is a premium rate number but at only 50p per minute as it is for set up technical issues, however as also mentioned at the back of the user guide is the customer service numbers which is a national rate (non premium) for reporting missing items of for queries, i.e. missing cables deopting, questions about were the reload CD is etc.

Please do have your friend drop me an email and I can discuss this with him directly

Best regards to all

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  Old Shep 18:44 09 Mar 2005

I have to say that my Time computer came with Supanet installed but I had no problem with my chosen ISP at the time which was Freeserve. I am now with Pipex broadband and still no problem. I would suggest you do as above and contact Total Care Support as I did / see click here and my problem was solved just over an hour after I posted not only with a response on the forum but also with a phone call to my home.

  961 19:27 09 Mar 2005

Forgive me, but if the reload cd is shown as an "essential" extra, why is it an "optional" extra?

These things cost peanuts to produce and save hours of hassle. Why not supply them as standard?

  Monument 07:22 10 Mar 2005

Firstly thank you for your prompt and detailed reply.

Yes it would wonderful if we all read all the small print when buying something but how many of your customers with no computer knowledge would have a clue what 'deoptimise' means. Why is it only Tiny that sells machines that can only connect to one ISP on arrival.

I have looked at the View Details page on your site for the Lexmark device and can not see where it says you do not get a USB lead. Even if I have missed it, the point still arises that not everyone even knows what USB is anyway.

When Joe Public looks at your advert they see a complete "Home package" click here? They and I would expect on receipt to be able to take it out of the box and for it to work.
We do not buy a washing machine to find the drum belt is not included!!

I have passed your details on to my friend and it is his decision whether he contacts you.

Again thanks for the response.

  Total Care Support 10:49 10 Mar 2005

Hi Monument,

I used the word de-optimise as i said the adverts hold the line “Tiny desktops are set up with Supanet which is the only ISP available as default. Customers can use any other ISP upon request” it does not state deoptimise on the adverts. Tiny is not the only computer manufacturer that supplies systems in this manner.

With regard to the USB cable when placing an order on the website if you select a printer then on then “basket” page under “Essential Extras” the first line is “USB A To B 2 Metre Printer Cable” sorry for the confusion when I said “stated in the adverts” I was referring to adverts in newspapers, and magazines. If an order is placed via the web then a courtesy call is made to the customer at the time the order is being placed to ensure that the understand what they are buying and to offer additional services like anti-virus packages, USB cables and such like.

Unfortunately your link did not work but as I have said above if you process though your order through on line then at the top of the page on the basket web page are items we would class as essential extras. To see this select a system and go though the “buy button” until you get to the basket page this does not commit you to making a purchase so please do not worry about that.

961, The reason a reload CD is not included has been discussed many times on the forums, and I do love the way people keep saying it costs peanut or words to that effect, first we try to supply our systems at the lowest cost we are able to, many of our customers already have a reload CD so why would they want to pay for something that they have? The cost of the reload CD includes copyrighting, development cost, in co-operation with Microsoft to assist in the prevention of software piracy this software has to be continuously updated and new versions release.

Gandalf, the link you have given is to someone who has in the past stated that he would love someone from Granville to contact him to be able to keep his site up to date, however when I did that line amazingly disappeared from the website! He now states “just concerned with accuracy” yet he has not contacted me back.

Some of the information on that site to with regard to Supanet for example include advising how to de-optimise “On Windows 2000” and “On Windows 9x” this would be kind of hard as We never optimised any 9x systems and we have never sold any Windows 2000 systems to home users, these systems are only available to corporate customers this does show the level of research he has obviously put into his site and his concern with “accuracy”! (also makes me wonder how he managed to design how to de-optimise a system that has never been optimised? But then again any one can do that you just turn it on!) and that’s just one error on his site. If as he has suggested he has put it there for “a continuing public service” and as he states himself at the very bottom of his site “I do not own a Time Computer” you would think that if he is providing a public service he would be interested in ensuring the information he gives is correct.

Any way if you do have any questions as always please feel free to contact me

Best regards,

Daniel Warren.
Granville Technology,
[email protected]

  Furkin 11:54 10 Mar 2005

I have also bought machines directly from TINY, as well as TIME & POLAR.
They all seem to be the same, in that as soon as they have your money,,,, the so called back-up is either non existant,,, or they make things far too complicated for the average end user.
It really would be nice to be able to buy a product, knowing that it is either 'as stated' or at least have some decent back-up,,,,, one can but dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  medicine hat 12:55 10 Mar 2005

I too am interested in accuracy. The section of that site that caught my eye was "We've sold 10 computers this week, and 8 are faulty. Is this common???" Surely an 80% return rate would be untenable and can't be correct. What is your actual return rate?

  pj123 13:09 10 Mar 2005

Although this thread is closed, I thought you might like to read this.

"It is true that a number of Time PC systems come with a dedicated supanet optimized modem which is designed for working with supanet. This feature and its advantages are highlighted to the customer before purchase and product information and advertisement state that the modem in these models is dedicated to supanet Internet Access. We are looking at making this more prominent for future ads.
Time Group and Supanet Ltd have worked closely together to develop an advanced technology to provide superior service, faster connection and better connection ratios. This basically means that you get online faster and there are fewer technical and support issues.

It's also worth noting that both the supanet pay-as-you-go and the supanet unmetered packages won Which magazine’s ‘Best Buy’ awards for their respective product categories.

However, if anyone has got a Time system with an optimised modem and for whatever reason want to use an alternative ISP, then drop me a mail (with name, account no. etc) and I'll arrange to have a standard modem sent to you free of charge."

This is from a similar thread posted in January 2004 when Ian Shaw was the Time Rep on this Forum.

Perhaps you could ask Daniel Warren - the current Time Rep - if he is prepared to offer you the same deal?

  Monument 15:18 10 Mar 2005

You stated

"If an order is placed via the web then a courtesy call is made to the customer at the time the order is being placed to ensure that the understand what they are buying and to offer additional services like anti-virus packages, USB cables and such like"

I have just spoken with my friend. Neither he nor his wife had any contact from Tiny after they placed their order on line.

  961 16:40 10 Mar 2005

But the customer has already paid for an oem copy of windows including the payment for the license to use the software. This includes the copyright the updates to prevent piracy and all the rest of it

If some smaller manufacturers can produce a disk for £6 and Dell include it in the price why can't Time save its customers much difficulty by inuluding a disk?

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