If you get an email about a UK Cards transaction

  Forum Editor 18:22 05 Dec 2003

telling you that you ordered an iPod for £399 please DO NOT nobr> a class="iAs" style="border-bottom:darkgreen 1px solid;text-decoration:underline;color:darkgreen;background-color:transparent;" href="click here=" target="_blank" oncontextmenu="return false;" onmouseover="kwE(event,1);" onmouseout="kwL(event);" onmousemove="kwM(1);">phone /a> /nobr> the customer service number on the email.
The mail is a hoax, and the number given is that of the Cambridgeshire Police headquarters. So far today the police have received over 14,000 calls from people concerned that their cards have been charged - which is exactly the result that the sad person who perpetrated the hoax wanted. The individual concerned has a grudge against Cambridgeshire Police (obviously), and innocent people by the thousand have been drawn into the hoax.

Please just delete the mail - the Police would be grateful if you didn't phone the number, you'll just tie up their phone lines.

  johnnyrocker 11:39 09 Dec 2003

thanks for that i was a bit concerned myself having got one over the weekend, would be interested to find how he/she got so many e mail addresses though.


  Pauper 12:54 13 Dec 2003

Quote from local St. Neots Camb's paper (Town Crier)in relation to this:

"A 21-year-old St Neots man has been arrested and released on bail in relation to the e-mail. He will return to St Neots police station on ********"

Not sure if putting the date would have been wise - the estimated 4000 people who called the number might turn up to vent their anger and the St Neots SWAT team would need to work for a second time this year :-)

  Forum Editor 17:22 13 Dec 2003

the Cambridgeshire police received 14,000 calls, not 4,000 - at least that's what they told me when I spoke to them.

I think they knew who was behind this almost immediately.

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