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If its Amazon who called me then im disgusted

  Biliana20 16:25 13 Jan 2020

I had a call from an amazon staff member saying I am being charged for Prime even though I have not signed up. I said to refund the payment and he wanted my bank details and I said I was not happy to share that on the phone and could provide other security information instead, but he said bank details are needed, I told him they must already have that info and to refund it immediately as I cannot afford £80 for prime when I did not request it and he spoke to me very rudely. I was angry and told him I need to money back to get the train to a friends funeral tomorrow and he said 'its not my problem'. I am shocked and appalled, I looked up the number on 1">[click here like always and there was no reports of it being a scam, so seems to be a genuine call, unless just not reported yet the number is 02078637913. I did not get the staff members name but I want to complain, he should not be working in customer service.

  Biliana20 16:27 13 Jan 2020

Not sure what happened there, tried to post there is no reports of it being a scam on scam-numbers

  x13 16:36 13 Jan 2020

Phone scam. Just log in to your amazon account as all your info is there.

  john bunyan 16:59 13 Jan 2020

Almost certainly a scam. Do you have number recognition on your phone?

  qwbos 02:05 14 Jan 2020

There's little point in checking numbers as they constantly change so won't be identified on any of the online databases.

No genuine caller will ever ask for your bank details over the phone. I have a pair of Christmas cracker whistles lying by the phone in my study which I'm happy to demonstrate to lying cold callers, scammers and other such scum.

  Forum Editor 22:53 14 Jan 2020

It wasn't Amazon who called you.

  BT 17:51 16 Jan 2020

Amazon take your Prime subscription via your usual payment method so would not be asking you to pay by Bank Transfer

  polymath 11:54 17 Jan 2020

While going direct to the account in question to check out calls/emails like this, I also take care before using any autocomplete suggestions (I seem to remember that common mistypes are used in URLs of fake websites).

  BT 12:15 17 Jan 2020

Just had a similar call re. renewing my Amazon Prime. It said "Just to remind you your Amazon Prime will be renewed for 39.99 (didn't specify what currency) automatically, Press 1 to speak to a service manager"

It was a totally computerised female type voice and needless to say I didn't press 1 and just waited and the call was disconnected after about 10 seconds

  polymath 12:19 17 Jan 2020

The advice linked to by Menzie isn't just re Amazon. (E.G. Microsoft ringing me personally, having somehow ascertained that we even have a computer? When OEM Windows means I can't even ask them a question?)

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