IE7 - Spellchecker Add-On

  freaky 13:17 18 Nov 2006

Members using IE7 may find the following link useful: -

click here

Towards the right side top is a box stating " Recommended Add-Ons". Click on it and then select "IeSpell" - this will load the installation file > save to your desktop > double click to install the program.

You can now check the spelling of your posts (some members may find this very useful !)

To use it just click on Tools on the IE7 Menu Bar and select ieSpell - highlight the entries in your post and voila it will check the spelling.

  spuds 13:26 18 Nov 2006

Been using this product (ieSpell) for ages. Well worth having this programme on your computer. Word of warning though, look out for the 'American' spelling on certain words ;o)

  freaky 13:35 18 Nov 2006

If you select IeSpell options, then you can change the default language from US to English UK spelling.

Have not been able to get it to work though, let me know if you can ?

  Cymro. 14:58 18 Nov 2006

I have now downloaded this new ieSpeell for IE7 but is it any better than the spellchecker I already have on the Google tool-bar that I run with IE?

I rather suspect that the Google one is better as it has no window that blocks off your view of what you have just typed.

Perhaps it is just me and the fact that I have not given myself a chance to get used to the new ieSpell for IE7.

  spuds 15:08 18 Nov 2006

freaky-- All the time I have used this product, and I have never realised that it had an English/English version. Now for a little experimental lesson, and see what I find.

Cymro-- Found that ieSpell was better (in my opinion) than Spellchecker, and the 'abc' at the top toolbar works without being obtrusive. Like all products though, everyone to their own choice that suits us the best.

  rezeeg 15:41 18 Nov 2006

freaky+spuds ieSpell works OK in English/English.

Try typing 'favor' in this box and run it.

  rezeeg 15:42 18 Nov 2006

'this box'= 'this thread message box'.

  g0slp 15:45 18 Nov 2006

I like ieSpell - a very useful add-on - if you remember to use it, of course :-)

  Cymro. 15:53 18 Nov 2006

At least I have now sorted out English/English version. I will hang on on see which one I like best.

  freaky 16:00 18 Nov 2006

Yep, changed IeSpell to Englisk UK and it corrected to favour.

It's a handy tool, never new that a spell checker was available on the Google toolbar !

  mikef. 16:32 18 Nov 2006

There is but I much prefer ie spell

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