idiots guide/web sites needed

  jospar 15:06 10 Jun 2003

Beging the fool that I am, I decided to turn my system into a duel boot with XP and mandrake 9.

No problems installing it, until I tried installing the drivers to enable my modem to load. I could even get passed the first stage of unzipping the tar.gz file.

I've tried several different sites, but they all assum that you have some knowledge of command lines ext, and I found a couple of the forums for the newbie to be a bit unfriendly towards newbies.

So does anyone out there know of any good books web sites that starts from the word dot. As though you have neather seen a computer let alone turned it on. Giving screen shot of what to expect, and a clear description on what they are talking about ect.


  Murray 20:51 10 Jun 2003

I havenmt really used linus myself, but am under the impression it is only really for the more advanced users. At least I have heard disaster reports of not being able to isntall it....

Have a look round Waterstones - or any bookshop for Linux for dummies or something similar.

also try posting the same Q on Helproom - suspect you will get a better response.


  jospar 21:08 10 Jun 2003

I thought about posting it in help, think I might just do that.

I know why ms, is so popular. you just point and click and the rest is done for you.

At the moment I have made a very small progress!

I've managed to get the cd/floppy loaded and for them to tell that the files are contained on them. but when I try to access them I'm told that file/directory doesn't exsist?

But it must because I can read bring up and read them, but not where I need them.

The more I try the more determind I get to conqur linux!

  Falkyrn 22:34 10 Jun 2003

Try click here for some advice

  Falkyrn 22:37 10 Jun 2003

or here click here

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