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  commander123 16:25 30 Oct 2012

Hello. i have ordered an Cyclone 1 inch 16GB 4.0 WIFI tablet with sleeve I was informed that I would recieve a confirmation to this order now after three phone calls at some cost I have not got my confirmation and was told that the item was out of stock but they are still advertising it, surely this is wrong, I asked to speak to a manager but they would not put me through to him ( what kind of company are they )I was told that I would recieve comfirmation when the item is sent to me and again they cannot tell me when that would be , Everything that they have done does not agree with good service and I for one will not be ordering anthing more with them , They are advertising this item an the television as well, Ins't there a law against avertising something that they dont have, Can you please help with this?

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  hastelloy 19:21 30 Oct 2012

You don't say what company it is. Can you not simply ask for a refund?

It is very unwise to post your email address on an open forum.

  woodchip 19:27 30 Oct 2012

Cannot remember, but think they have up to 28 days to supply goods under Law. Or pay your money Back

  Nontek 21:39 30 Oct 2012

I just had a look for that item on their Site, it said Item no longer available!

  Quiller. 22:49 30 Oct 2012

I ordered an item for my wife's birthday about 6 years ago, they had a couple of chaps called Alan and Barry doing craft shows. They also had a live phone in while the show was running. Around 8 weeks after I ordered, the item came back on screen. I pressed record on the VCR, as it was analogue then and gave the studio line a call. Got through and started to chat. I asked if they could bring the item a little bit nearer the camera as we could have a better look in detail, they kept moving the item closer and closer. They then asked if that was alright, I replied that could they just hold that for a few seconds as I called my wife. I then said she was really pleased as this is the nearest she has gotten to her birthday present as her birthday was already a couple of weeks ago.

After much huffing and puffing, I was asked to leave my name an phone number with the studio controller. Barry rang after the show to apologize at the delay, made sure the item was sent out straight away and my wife received a gift voucher and signed piccy as way of the inconvenience of the long wait.

You could use the web to email them or ring 01733 860534 to get round the premium rate number.

It takes you straight to UK custumer services.

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  BT 09:26 31 Oct 2012

I recently bought a Garden strimmer etc from them. Delivery was a bit slow, about 5 days after the 'Expected Delivery Date', but it eventually arrived.

Have a look at their Facebook page, where there seem to be quite a few complaints about things not arriving and problems with refunds.

Regardless of their claims of big discounts on things, it needs taking with a big pinch of salt. I later found exactly the same item that I bought, at the same price, from Screwfix, with a lower postage/delivery charge.

A relative of mine ordered some jewelry from them which hadn't arrived after 4 weeks and when he spoke to them was informed that the item -a ring- wasn't actually made yet. They apparently,despite their onscreen claims, only commission the production after they have the orders. Understandable I suppose to ensure they don't have unsold sizes left in their warehouse but surely this should be made clear to prospective purchasers.

  commander123 16:30 01 Nov 2012

Thanks Quiller and everybody for your post's, There should be something done about this company I think I'll go to the liscencing board and also have it brought up in the house of commons, I mean why should they be able to run roughshod over us all and when you ring customer services I for one could not inderstand what they where saying, Everybody should get into this so they should be stopped either false prommises or stop thre bussiness

  sunnystaines 11:25 17 Nov 2012

we no longer order from idealworld [ had problems with them], if we see a product we like on their tv channel we order from elsewhere either direct from the maker or amazon on some occasions the products are often a lot cheaper too

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