IDE HDD recommendations please!

  Raywood 14:20 07 Apr 2004

I am looking for a new Hard Disk Drive, about 20-40GB. All my manuals for the computer tell me I am looking for an IDE interface. The ones I have seen are EIDE. Does this matter?

  TomJerry 15:35 07 Apr 2004

donot think it matters, get largest your motherboard can take.

  Smiler 17:29 07 Apr 2004

Here's value for money click here and 3 years warranty

  Sion 17:40 07 Apr 2004

Get a Seagate Barracude drive. The are quietest hard drives on the market. click here for the 40GB model. Personally, i'd pay the extra £7 for the 80GB model. Hard Drives are so cheap these days, and applications are getting bigger and bigger, you would be silly not too ! click here for the 80GB model.

I have a segate in my machine and its absolutely silent, can't hear it. Can't recomend it enough.

  961 18:41 07 Apr 2004 too

Buy a Seagate

  Gaz 25 20:47 07 Apr 2004

IBM - I wont touch with a bargepole, sine I have had several failing drives. But they are the best performance in the industry.

Maxtor - Excellent drives, no problems with Maxtor, had 2 drive failiures but thats becuase it was a batch that had been misshandled.

Seagate - In my opinion they are excellent world class drives. Silent, and high performing. In my older PC I have a 20Gb seagate with an access time of 5.2Ms. Call that fast. And its SUPER silent.

Got an 160GB seagate, very reliable, quick and silent.

It also has 3D defense system.

  byfordr 21:20 07 Apr 2004

My weapon of choice is the Maxtor. Just took delivery on a 160gb Sata. Also got a Western digital 160gb on order. Not heard anything bad about Seagate. Had a Hitachi fail on me at work at the beginning of the week :-( As people have stated its worth getting bigger than you need at the moment. Dv, music, digital photos soon eat up space. A 40gb drive will be about £35 A 80gb about £41 120 gb about £60 and a £160 about £70.
Try click here and not only does it give you the best prices, it has a handy search for what you want. The difference between a drive with 2mb cache and 8mb cache is a few quid and in my opinion worth it.



  byfordr 21:21 07 Apr 2004

Also try and get one with a 3yr warranty for piece of mind (shouldn't cost you anymore if you dig around.)


  Gaz 25 22:20 07 Apr 2004

Stay away from any other manufacturer other than the main 'good' brands: Maxtor & Seagate!

Others mail fail or not come with a good service.

  TomJerry 23:04 07 Apr 2004

some old motherboard maynot able to talk large HDD.

  Raywood 11:24 08 Apr 2004

Does anyone know the biggest HDD the Soyo 6BA+ III 2AA2 can take? I seem to have lost the manual. I tried a friend's 60GB Western Digital but I couldn't get it to be detected. This was EIDE. Does my machine not support EIDE?

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