iBook verses Windows Laptops

  Steven135 14:53 13 Apr 2004

I am going to give my laptop to my daughter who needs it for her nursing studies now (big sacrifice) I'll need to replace it. I give a lot of presentations in large public meetings and am wondering what the pros and cons of getting an iBook might be.

They look very tempting I have never owned an Apple Mac and quite fancy having something new to play with.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:14 13 Apr 2004

There is a lot more support and a much wider/cheaper source of programmes for Windows. For these reasons alone I would discard all thoughts of a Mac.


  Diemmess 17:23 13 Apr 2004

Adding to GANDALF <|:-)>

I was given a G3 Powerbook and a lot of help coping with obsolete software, in order to make it easier and cheaper to bridge the X platform gap between a village magazine born on PCs and a local printing firm which is essentially all Apple Mac.

It was effective, but not a route to recommend, unless you are more Artist than Scientist!

(Quite a lot of fun finding the way Mac does things. No right click, but amazing ability to move things around and have a basic system which isn't neurotic and always finding ways to freeze or crash)

  Steven135 22:08 13 Apr 2004

Thanks seems better not to bother

  Masterspy 10:49 14 Apr 2004

I have used a mac for some years but using the now obsolete OS. I found them very reliable and intuitive to use.

Software compatability can be a problem for those needing to cross the OS divide but Apple has been addressing this problem for years. Now that the new OSX is well established, I would recommend you go to an apple outlet and ask for advice. Go and try the machine and have a clear idea of what you want it to do. After all, first hand knowledge is invaluable. Try before you buy.

Go to Apple's site click here and ask for advice. Contact your local MUGS group for advice.

Good luck


  Steven135 18:04 14 Apr 2004

Masterspy, took your advice and went to play with a Powerbook seems to be very well built indeed much more attractive than any other laptops on display. Don't think I could get used to computing without right click though doesn't seem to be any really compelling reason to go down the Mac route they seem to be very pricey I would have to get MS Office 2004 full version when I already have Office 2003.

Maybe if i win the lottery (not much chance since I don't do it).

Any ideas of a really good Windows laptop?

  Sir Radfordin 18:43 14 Apr 2004

Macs are good for certain jobs, but for general computing stick with a PC...

...but then you've decided to do that now :)

What kind of budget have you got? And what do you want to have?

Acer seem to have some good spec/price ratios at the moment.

  Steven135 20:19 14 Apr 2004

I am wanting something that will last a while probably spending around £1300 - £1400 used mainly for PowerPoint presentations including films.

The one I'm giving to my daughter is an AMD 1100 Sharp.

  Paperback Writer 20:36 14 Apr 2004

I have an iBook G3 800mhz and when I use it, it feels like I've stepped back in time about 3 or 4 years and am on one of my older computers.

Even browsing the internet is painfully slow - and that's with 640mb ram and a clean install of Panther.

Not impressed. It's too sluggish.

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