IBM/Hitachi DeskStars: steer well clear

  Jamesy 12:30 04 Feb 2003

A few weeks ago I purchased a top-of-the-range IBM DeskStar 180GXP from, and last week after only a fortnight's use it packed up on me. I'm now booting to a BSOD.

From the off, the drive worked however it was making an unusual grinding noise every few minutes which lasted for only a second or two, then went back to normal... however last week I started getting messages in windows telling me of corrupted files and advising to run CHKDSK. And the next thing I know, I can't even boot the drive up it blue screens.

I should've taken notice of the various posts such as this describing troubles with IBM drives, but alas I thought no... it wouldn't happen to me, it's only a small percentage of their users that get duff drives. Think again.

  akzah 13:59 04 Feb 2003

exactly what i thought with the 120GXPs, Result 3 returned hard drives. This one has lasted 2 months so far, and SMART Expects failure date in December 2003.

  wee eddie 19:11 04 Feb 2003


Return it to Dabs

IBM ship many more of those than some of the vilified PC manufactures, so think of the number of happy punters there must be out there.

  akzah 19:32 04 Feb 2003

"Jumping to conclusions"

I don't think so, Three all failed for me all worked for a week then stopped. Using Maxtor as master and no problem so far after 6 months.

My cousin bought the same model and same problem with his.

You have to rememeber IBM is well known with this sort of stuff. Remember the 75GXP Range!! They were all a complete failure.

Even the 120GXP say 11 Hours of continuos use only, There is a joke that the IBM use other manufactures Hard Drives for there servers.

I am telling you there are hughe number of customers fed up with IBM Hard Drives, this is not a one off thing.

  AdeJ 20:48 04 Feb 2003

I know the historical problems IBM have had with their Deskstar range and it looks like you've run into them again - but because of the performance specs and the fact that they tend to be the recommended IDE drive by this and other magazines, (I only look at them on the shelf Ed..) I've always used them.

I'm on my third now - my system is on 24/7 - and I've never had a problem with any of them. Let's hope you were unlucky enough to run into a duff batch..

  JoeC 09:13 05 Feb 2003

article on Deskstar / Fujitsu hard drives.

click here

  AdeJ 19:50 06 Feb 2003

that article makes no reference to t#IBM drives at all..

  Kyomii 20:59 06 Feb 2003

>>>>Remember the 75GXP Range!! They were all a complete failure. <<<

Been running 3 of these drives in 3 seperate machines for at least two years without any probs whatsoever.

Also, what many people don't realise is that surges can cause BSOD's and hard drive failures, its a possibility that can't be ruled out yet never gets put into any equation when problems arise (unless obvious - storm etc)

  muscic lover 21:56 06 Feb 2003

im with wee eddie......
return it to dabs and demand a refund as the goods are not of merchantable quality. You are covered by the company 1 yr auto warranty, also if you paid by credit card , the card co are liable also9 So long as the product is over £100 in value)!

  rushy 22:52 06 Feb 2003

I purchased one of these ibm drives a year ago.after about 10 months I noticed it would occasionally make a clicking sound ,almost as though the head was just going bakwards and forwards for about 30 seconds during this time the computer would lock up, it would then seem to go ok for a few weeks,Then my wife sat down at the computer for a 12 hour stint to catch up with her uni work she saved her work and switched the comp off. I went on after it would`nt boot all i got was the same clicking sound it never worked again i tried to find out where to send the drive for repair but ibm has passed all it`s hard drive stuff on to Hitachi and i could`nt find a thing about where to return it.....Anybody know where i should send this drive back to it still has 2 years of it`s 3 year guarantee left any help would be greatly appreciated. P Rush

  D-P-R 02:54 09 Apr 2003

rushy not sure if you have found out where to send your drive to. If not click here and fill out an RMA for the drive, you will be e-mail instructions of where to send it. I have sent a 180gxp back and have been waiting for feedback of them for 4 weeks, good luck

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