IBM ViaVoice10 Pro

  mbp 12:06 09 Nov 2005

Voice recognition with Word. Any one had any experiece with this program? Is it good? Reliable? Useful? I have received a special offer £9.95 instead of £99.95. Is it worth it?

  anchor 13:06 09 Nov 2005

Never used it myself, but here are a couple of reviews; they seem quite good.

click here

click here

  mbp 13:19 09 Nov 2005

Thanks anchor, most helpful links!

  stylehurst 17:11 09 Nov 2005

I tried using this program when it first came out, and had a lot of problems.
After much dscussion with IBM support we came to the opinion that the problem was due to having Norton AV installed on my machine. IBM support suggested that i remove Norton AV. I returned the Voice Recognition software & got a full refund.

  wiz-king 18:16 09 Nov 2005

but you will need a lot of memory, I have it an a machine with a celeron processor and 256meg of ram and it is a bit slow. The words appear on screen several seconds behind my voice -takes a bit of getting used to. Also sitting down talking to your computer takes a bit of getting used to as does finding the occasional swear word that can tend to creep in when the phone rings or the dog comes in all muddy and shakes all over you! If you can take the time to do the voice training its about 95% accurate.

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