IBM 60GB HD's....

  OldBaldy 19:23 31 Aug 2003

I've finally had enough.. I bought a matched pair of IBM 60GB Hard disks last January for use in a striped RAID array... One failed after about 5 months... was warranty replaced - the second failed 4 months after that - again - warranty replaced - a few months later the first replacement failed - i told IBM (hitachi now) that i wasnt happy and wanted something different but they were completely unhelpful - one person said that there was a way to get a different one, then another told me they only replaced like for like (apparently, faulty for faulty) well... as of NOW the another one is failing. I hear this is a common problem, well known and griped about and I've had enough... I get paid on Tuesday and i'm going to replace them both - im sick of paying out £18 a time to return them (almost £60 out of pocket in postage so far) and I know hitachi will be as useful as ever - "yes, return it, we'll replace it with another one that'll fail in a couple month, causing you another £18 in postage and 8 hours work reinstalling everything"... what I want is reliability, performance and silence (doesn't everyone)... I have the seagate 7200.7's in mind - anyone know better - money isn't really an issue as most drives are within £20 of each other and I'll happily spend an extra £40 on a pair if i get what I want out of them.... PS IBM/Hitachi, in my personal experience, your products are useful as little more than paperweights.... a litte like your staff...

  Infamous 19:35 31 Aug 2003

I use to have a IBM HDD, it failed on me just before the warranty run out. I had to send it to the netherlands some where. It was a 40 gig. They sent me a replacement Drive that was 80 gig was quite happy as they said it was new. Didnt want too risk it as the other drive gave me alot of problems till 1 day it died completly. So i decided to put the new drive in my sisters machine as he uses it for basic stuff. It has worked fine since.
I bought a WD 120 gig Caviar Special edition. This has worked fine so far had it for over 9 months now. I have genreally been told to Choose Maxtor Or WD. hope this helps

  OldBaldy 19:35 31 Aug 2003

Should probably have mentioned that the noise level is very important - My PC runs 3 hard disks, 3 optical disks, has 4 (silenced now) case fans, and im about to replace the CPU and Northbridge heatsink/fans with zalmans - i spent a lot of money quieting it down, i dont want it getting noisy again....

  Infamous 19:37 31 Aug 2003

My WD dosent make any noise as its the special edition caviar.

  Infamous 19:47 31 Aug 2003

forgot too add with a 8 meg buffer

  huddy1710 23:16 31 Aug 2003

got a 60gb drive which has failed, where do i send it....

  OldBaldy 23:57 31 Aug 2003

You have to drag thru the IBM site to find a link to the Hitachi site... Then you have to run a load of tests, THEN you request an RMA number. After this you have (i think) 14 days, to send it to, wait for it... The netherlands... Then it takes 2-6 weeks for them to send a replacement... Oh and a word of warning, they are very specific about how they have to be packed... If you don't pack as they require, they will return it, saying that it may have been fine when you sent it but was maybe damaged in the post - as you didnt follow their intructions they wont even look at it and your warranty is void.

  Murray 00:10 01 Sep 2003

It may not sound too promising but I have come across two maxtor disks fail in my lifetime, not a small number but their returns policy was outstanding.

First you run a test (as normal) then get an RMA, (give them your credit card details) and they send you a new disk. as long as you send them the faulty one back they dont charge you. Very good and it only cost £8 to send it back to Ireland.

  Murray 00:12 01 Sep 2003

I know of another IBM disk (I think it was 60GB) that failed, losing a large amount of work (not mine luckily)

  Stuartli 19:46 01 Sep 2003

My son had two brand new 120GB IBM drives on a server - both packed up in a very short period of time.

IBM told him that they were not intended to be used continuously (not much use on a server!) and it was only after a long and involved period of telephone calls and correspondence that IBM eventually agreed to replace them.

Apparently failures were very common with the larger gigabyte IBM drives.

It brings a company a bad name, just as it did with Fuji - in its case the fault was due to a component supplied by another company that was used in thousands of its hard drives...

Yet I had a 1.7GB Fuji drive for two years (given to me by my son when my 850MB drive eventually proved too small!) that is still going strong for a friend today after I upgraded it.

  Mastermind 14:08 03 Sep 2003

I've had four IBM HDDs, the oldest one being nearly four years old and they are all functioning perfectly. I have never had a problme with any of them.

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