i would wonder

  Harpur 13:44 04 Oct 2006

if the FE as a respected member of the IT community would perhaps invite a member of senior management in Mesh to come to this forum. this is not to instigate a witch hunt, but to put forward a defense for his company. it has taken quite a slating in recent times not only here but other forums and this would offer an opportunity to correct any misinformation that can arise from such situations. this can be in the form of an open thread to which he would react to comments or by a question and answer interview conducted by the FE or a member of the PCA editorial staff, consequently published as an online article on this site or part of the consumer watch section in the publication.

i personally think it would be interesting to see what he/she thinks of the situation and offer an expalnation for the apparent lack of communication by his company. it should be pointed out that thanks to Davey and Nicks presence on this forum there are fewer disgruntled customers than would otherwise be the case.

comments please..........

  wolfie3000 13:47 04 Oct 2006

To be honest the whole MESH situation has me worried,

Im looking into buying a mesh pc but from the threads on here im having second thoughts.

  Harpur 14:21 04 Oct 2006

i have no argument with Mesh as i have never dealt with them, but as a neutral observer i find them bemusing. it would be one of the reasons a structured debate here or interview maybe beneficial to themselves and their potential customers such as yourself. as a shop window this forum may not put their best face forward.

  GRFT 14:42 04 Oct 2006

I have never bought a PC. I have always built and upgraded my my own machines ever since my first 386 running Windows 3.1 in the early ninties.
I can only sympathise with users who have to depend on the retail industry which, from the horror stories regularly posted in this forum,
is in a terrible state indeed.

  def90csw 14:52 04 Oct 2006

I really dont think that someone from mesh computers would be willing to come and take part in a debate. By doing so it could be seen by some as an admission of guilt on there part and that their is a problem with their company. Mesh would probably state the number of units sold and % of customers with complaints is very low considoring the number of units they sell each week/month outways those who have problems.

But it is very interesting that the increase in those complaining about Mesh Computers is growing daily on this forum and others. May be we will have to wait and see.

  thakkar 14:53 04 Oct 2006

Your post is encouraging. As a result of my own unresolved Mesh problem (see elsewhere on this forum) I've just thrown my savings at the parts for a new PC. I've never built a system myself before, so the prospect is quite daunting - at least with Mesh you know who to call if the motherboard goes up in smoke! - but I'm so tired of this whole business that I'm prepared to give it a shot. I think that says quite a lot.

I think Harpur's idea is very good, but I'm not sure a Mesh honcho would agree to it.

  wolfie3000 14:56 04 Oct 2006


You mention that if they took part in a debate/interview it would be like admitting there was a problem,

Well judging from the ammount of posts i would say there is definatly a problem as i dont see many dell/pcworld/alienware posts saying about problems.

  def90csw 15:48 04 Oct 2006

"Well judging from the ammount of posts i would say there is definatly a problem as i dont see many dell/pcworld/alienware posts saying about problems".

You are correct in what you say, but mesh may see it another way, that the IT media would see it as mesh admitting to a problem. If you admit to a problem thats when banks and suppliers would then take a more prolonged look at mesh about doing business with them. Could admission on this site be the start of a possible collapse with mesh.

  Harpur 16:01 04 Oct 2006

coming on to this site is not an admission of guilt, but it may help the consumer to understand the machinetics of the company and help understand the problems that a high volume producing such as Mesh face. it is not a witch hunt but merely an exercise to put forward an opposing point of view to that posted daily on this and other forums. personally if i were in their shoes the negative press would need to be counter balanced.

  GRFT 07:11 05 Oct 2006

That's the spirit! You'll find plenty of help and advice in these forums.
A good start is click here

  spuds 09:49 05 Oct 2006

The problem with trying to get a representative of a company to discuss openly problems within a company is nigh on impossible. No company will hold themselves responsible for acts possibly not in their full control, or perhaps acts that could be in their control.

Dell went through a bad 'support' situation a year or so ago, and the main man did intervene with an open promise, that he would try to resolve issues raised. His invite went even further, as he provided direct communication aid to any dissatisfied customer with a genuine complaint. Whether this open invite is still active, I would not know.At least he showed some form of initiative, by adopting the buck stop's here approach.

On the other side of the flipped coin, making statements on a open forum or in a magazine, could cause further problems for both the (any) company or an individual. Perhaps best to try and resolve each issue on its own merit, and take the necessary steps to provide security and peace of mind for the future!.

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