I would like to watch internet TV without PC

  markcomp 16:28 10 Dec 2013

Is there a bit of kit I can connect to the internet and then use to watch TV progs. I don't want to tie up a PC for this and don't want cable TV etc?

  iscanut 16:39 10 Dec 2013

Yes..they are called smart televisions. Set up via wifi to your router.

  Rob Gibson 11:50 11 Dec 2013


Just bought a "Smart TV" - brilliant bit of kit.

We now watch more web-based content than off-air. Spent most of yesterday evening watching Chris Hadfield's videos from the ISS on YouTube. Way to go!

  markcomp 14:16 12 Dec 2013

Sadly a smart TV is not in the budget as replaced it two years ago, any pother thoughts?

  chub_tor 17:17 12 Dec 2013

There are a lot of Smart dongle out there this is one from Amazon but you will need an HDMI socket on your TV for most of the dongles.

  Roadgiant 00:02 13 Dec 2013

I recently bought an Android box around for £80, DroidBOX iMX6 Android 4.2 TV Box, do a search on Amazon etc, there are others cheaper but can't comment on them. It does connect via HDMI but also has an A/V cable,but you mentioned you bought a TV 2 years ago so would expect it to have HDMI. The IMX6 I have has 4 USB ports so can be used to connect external hard drive,keyboard mouse etc as well as a cable that can connect to an A/V socket. It also has a SD Card slot,Ethernet and wireless and comes with a remote (woukd recomend getting a small wireless keyboard to make life easier) My router is located upstairs where my main PC is and I have a Powerline link plugged into that and another Powerline downstairs near the TV with a 5 hub switch with the Android box plugged into it(also used for connecting Laptop etc to the internet) RG

  markcomp 15:54 16 Dec 2013

Brilliant reply, I really appreciate it. Thanks

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