I will never use norton software anymore.

  bibo1465 22:57 18 Aug 2006

hi there

I already wrote a thread about (my pc can't see my hard disk),this is update.

When i installed norton(systemworks premier2006 and norton personal firewall),i was unable to use liveupdate.

My mistake i installed the rubbish software called(go back) it ruin one of my hard disk.

I have 3 internal hard disks.When i installed (go back) and restart my pc as i was asked to do,immediately an error come up about the MBR(master boot record).

i went to (my computer),i found out the one of my hard disk was missing.

I left my work eraly trying to fix the problems,i unistalled norton(systemworks and personal firewall) using symantec removal tools.

i installed AVG antivirus and zone alarm,the installation went so smoothly,

I lost about 4 hours trying to install norton software(useless software)which it never work.

i will never not even a penny buying norton software.

  anskyber 23:09 18 Aug 2006


  €dstowe 06:53 19 Aug 2006

There are a lot of people (including me) who think in the same way.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:03 19 Aug 2006

I have been using Norton software for years, with very few problems. I will be continuing to use it.

  wee eddie 09:27 19 Aug 2006

for nearly 10 years.

I know that it slows things down but the PC's still a lot faster than I am.

  rdave13 19:33 19 Aug 2006

The experience I've had with Norton, on a few pc's of family and friends,and my own, will make me think twice on buying a new Pc if Norton is preinstalled. I don't like Norton.

  Jackcoms 19:37 19 Aug 2006

"I have been happily using Norton software for nearly 10 years"

This must be a first!

A Scotsman who's prepared to pay for something when there are plenty of perfectly adequate free alternatives available.

  Noldi 20:13 19 Aug 2006

I don’t believe in a free lunch.

I use Norton without problems except a slow loading process. I did try a free version of Zone Alarm once and did quite like it but as it was free, you had to pay for the full version and the price difference was not that great. But maybe my surfing habits don’t expose me as much as some people so Norton does the job for me.


  rdave13 20:29 19 Aug 2006

" But maybe my surfing habits don’t expose me as much as some people so Norton does the job for me."

Use free firewall,av, anti spyware, and anti this and that.

Caught my son err..exploring umm educational sites on reproduction and other sites of dubious content for some time. Glad to say that he's now seen the errors of his ways. Safe to say then that the freebies are as good (if not better, sometimes) than the paid for security systems.

Then if you think paying for security makes it better and gives you peace of mind then good for you. I'll spend the money on something else.

Just upgraded my ram...

  wee eddie 21:04 19 Aug 2006

That if I buy a product.

It will allow those that made and sold that product the chance to buy my product.

Not directly, of course, 'cause the chain is really long.

The lack of this ethic is is why the UK is going downhill, slowly but surely and unfortunately, buying at the best price is not necessarily the best way to prosperity.

  rdave13 21:12 19 Aug 2006

wee eddie, that's true but competition and quality of products will dictate what survives and what doesn't. Allways has been and always will.

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