SANAP 13:06 23 Dec 2003

I was bidding on ebay yesterday for a dell laptop and just lost out with 20 secs left!! However I have now received 3 different emails saying I noticed u were bidding etc and it then says I have a similar item for the same price etc etc.

Is this a scam? I am new to ebay so a bit careful.


  TheTerminator 13:36 23 Dec 2003

what is the web link to the goods that you have bought?
I "bidded" for a dell laptop from ebay, and was dubious from the outset, and it turned out it was stolen, so i did well to stay clear of it. Ask the owner for the Dell ID no (or what ever it is called) and ring up Dell asking if it is stolen or not...
Hope this helps...

  hoverman 13:56 23 Dec 2003

Those who contacted you must be eBay members to have noticed your bids. It is not worth the risk so my advice would be to ignore the emails and inform eBay.

  Jester2K 13:56 23 Dec 2003

Its a scam.

Its been on here before. You'll pay someone for a laptop that doesn't exist or arrive.

NEVER believe unsolicited e-mails.

  Jester2K 13:59 23 Dec 2003

If they have a similar item for the same price why aren't they auctioning it??

If you do go ahead i bet they'll ask to sned the money by Western Union (or similar) "wire" transfer. If you do that you'll never here from them again or see your money...

I'm guessing the price was around the £1,000 mark. Is it worth it??

  SANAP 14:14 23 Dec 2003

thanks all, had one response back from Romania!! wants money by bank transfer!! I asked to pay cod! Will await response.


  hoverman 15:42 23 Dec 2003

I doubt that you will get a response. Offering to pay COD will have scared him off.

  Jester2K 15:45 23 Dec 2003

A fish? You offered a FISH?

Must have been a bloody nice one to offer a FISH for a laptop!

  SANAP 15:46 23 Dec 2003

hoverman, no he came back and asked for money up front! I wished him merry xmas.


  Jester2K 15:52 23 Dec 2003

I'll bet!

  TheTerminator 16:00 23 Dec 2003

several years ago when i was young and naive!
They watned me to pay by Western Union, and only my password on the bill prevented the money being taken leaving me empty handed. Be warned.

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