I want to upgrade please help

  bravocars1 11:33 01 Feb 2011

Im a newbie to all this but I am wanting to upgrade my current pc. I do photography as a hobby and am about to get so editing software, but the software I have at the moment struggles and its only basic. So I would like some ideas please. I have a Compagq Sr5601uk

Motherboard - MS-7525 (Boston)
Processor - Celeron E1200
Memory - 1Gb
Video graphics - Intergrated graphics using Intel GMA3100
Hard Drive - 160Gb
Computer case - Mid size ATX
Power supply - 300w

Now Im happy to do this gradually but I would like to know where to start. this is a first for me but I think im capable of doing it. Any help and Items to buy would be great. Thank you.

  bremner 11:58 01 Feb 2011

To be brutally frank the only thing worth salvaging is the hard drive and possibly case.

You could buy a complete system for less than £300 for example click here. (Note the price does not include the operating system.

  961 14:34 01 Feb 2011

Can you say when you bought your current pc?

How much can you afford to spend now to get better results?

If you google your computer you'll see it is generally regarded as "ready to retire" (Bit like me)

So I would gently suggest you consider buying a new computer rather than trying to upgrade the one you have

You'll find much of the software you need to edit photos comes free like Picasa and Gimp (Google for these)

A new inexpensive computer will do you better than trying to spend money on what you have now

  Terry Brown 14:39 01 Feb 2011

Sorry , but I agree with Bremmer, if you buy editing software for this machine you will only be wasting your money as most software is built for a higher specification system.

I do not know if you have tried Picassa from Google, it's free and will do a basic editing job

You could also try the free (old versions)of software from serif.
click here

It's time to dig deep, and get a new system.


  SparkyJack 14:57 01 Feb 2011

These days such is the price of a new machine as opposed to components it is better to purchase a new machine.
In recent times too connections have been moving from IDE to SATA to component connections may be an issue marrying old to new
More over adding new bits to old can bring forward the demise of the whole package
So save your pennies and get that new machine.
As for graphics editors,the Serif range has much to offer and even give away superseded versions of a given program[Though wou will be on their 'Nag' list to get the latest]

  961 15:02 01 Feb 2011

Have to agree with you about Serif

Much of their stuff on DVD magazine covers has done the business for me and I've then gone on to buy "next one up" for around £10/£15 and found it great

They may then phone you to try to sell the next edition but if you politely say you don't want any more phone calls they will stop

Having said that, Picassa and Gimp and several others that come free will do the business with an up to date computer that cost under £300

  robertmonkford 19:51 02 Feb 2011

I agree with the predominat opinion that you really would be better off with a newer machine; also, most motherboard manufacturers include a manual which virtually tells you how to build your PC (attaching all the components and where) so you should be fine. My Asus manual even explains all the bundled software and how to use it, what some of the technical terms mean and how they apply to my PC.

There are alot of suppliers out there you could use for your parts, personally I only ever go for branded parts now. Having seen what some off-the-shelf vendors use in their machines, I wanted more. Did some searching, asked around and stumbled on a custom builder. They built mine for less than I was quoted elsewhere. (I already posted on this forum about them).

Other vendors such as SCAN or NOVATECH would be alternative choices in my opinion. Upgrading / new PC doesn't mean it is going to cost a fortune.

Oh and if you do decide to build your own, any of my three suggestions sell the parts too, plus you have the forum people to help you out I'm sure :)

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