I want a new pc

  Rhuddlan 13:18 21 Feb 2005

Hi there, my packard bell of 3 years needs a new motherboard and power supply, so after I have got those installed I am going to sell it. I then am going to buy a new pc, I have heared Dell are good, I want quite a big hard disk for pics, music and various docs, 80Gb is ideal, as well as a lot of RAM, 512Mb is again ideal also I like speedy comp's, so a decent Athlon processor is wanted 3.0Ghz typically with a good graphics and sound card as games will played on. and a decent amount of ports, usb 2.0 especially.

  wjrt 13:22 21 Feb 2005

you will have to look elsewhere Dell don not do AMD athlon only intel

  Rhuddlan 13:33 21 Feb 2005

Well OK it doesn't have to be Athlon, I'm happy with intel, do u have any suggestions on any pc's? or even dell?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:52 21 Feb 2005

click here

This site's reviews.

Also, buy a few mags that do round ups of different mahcines and see what you like within your budget.

  Rhuddlan 13:56 21 Feb 2005

Well I have just been looking on the currys website and seen a nice e machines for £699.99 and the option of paying monthly and the specs seem good, so I'm going to pop down to my local currys store. Thanks for the link, will take a look.

  stylehurst 14:21 21 Feb 2005

Have a look at Novatech site, they do a good range & you can pick & mix components.
Reliablity & service is good as well

  wee eddie 17:32 21 Feb 2005

It is very likely that the cost of a new MOBO and PSU will exceed the 2nd hand value of the whole PC.

If I were you, I'd have a serious think before I went down that route.

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