I think Intel's Everest wireless networking advert

  Jester2K II 18:11 24 Nov 2003

I think Intel's Everest wireless networking advertisement is misleading...

This one and the one with the woman in the middle of the field....

Its a shame cos those "in the know" know the advert is stretching the truth but "joe puiblic" might not and assume that you can surf the net fromthe middle of a field or the top of Everest...

  chrishillcoat 22:51 24 Nov 2003

Having said that, there *is* a wireless access point at Everest base camp apparently ;-)

  Falkyrn 23:01 24 Nov 2003

There may be a wireless point but is there mains electricity ?

I doubt the battery life would be up to much in the extreme conditions portrayed.

Another one that I find annoying is the one where the male user takes the laptop onto the beach to demonstrate wireless connection ... only the small print flashing up on the screen shows that its "artistic" licence being used for demonstration purposes.

  Jester2K II 07:26 25 Nov 2003

Bit like the 3 mobile phone ads. But those who will be impressed by this will be looking at the pics and not the words...

  Brian-336451 09:06 25 Nov 2003

I'm using my new AJP Centrino notebook in the house and get a fair number of dropped connections despite a 'very good' signal.

I hope that out of the house performance (I'm shortly off to the Indian sub-continent to work) lives up to expectations.

There is definitely a 'disappointment factor' to be considered if Intel does not make realistic claims and they may be subjected to a backlash if the popular computer press lock on the the 'misleading' idea. That would be counterproductive.

But niggles aside, it is SO nice to sit in another room, not a 'recognised computer room' and send responses to threads such as this. That is a BIG plus.

  Jester2K II 09:44 25 Nov 2003

"SO nice to sit in another room, not a 'recognised computer room' "

PLEASE don't tell me you were sat on the lav whilst you typed this!!!

  Forum Editor 10:19 25 Nov 2003

in my garden. It reaches the terrace where I sit in the summer evenings, and I often edit the forum from there.

I've used an access point in an airport, but never on a beach or up a mountain, and I agree that (to me) the advertising seems a tad misleading.

  rickf 13:58 25 Nov 2003

It is misleading, period! Like advertisng a car that would also fly you to NY.

  rickf 13:59 25 Nov 2003

chrishillcoat, do you go to Everest often?

  powerless 20:54 25 Nov 2003

Well it depends how you take the advert, a field could be the local field where you have a wireless access point (thing) to extend the wireless range?

So you could be in a field on the lappy livin up on the wireless.

...as for the mountain, hmmm.

  Jester2K II 20:57 25 Nov 2003

What is the range on a wireless access point (thing) ??

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