I Think ePinnacle May Of Ripped Me Off

  DavidM4 19:08 11 Jan 2006

At the end of November last year I ordered a Sony PSP from ePinnacle for my 10 year old sons Christmas present, with their guarantee that all orders placed before 14/12/05 would be delivered in time for the big day.

As it got closer and closer with no sign of me getting the PSP I sent off several emails (there is no contact telephone number) only to be ignored except for 1 automated reply making several different excuses, moving premises, new systems and the like.

On Christamas Eve I had to dash into town to the HMV and get one there so as not to have a heart broken 10 year old on Christmas Day.

We're now half way through January and still no sign or replies to my emails,what do I do? Has anybody else had dealings/trouble with this retailer?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  Totally-braindead 19:18 11 Jan 2006

If you paid for it by credit card then contact your credit card company and see what they can do.

  DavidM4 19:29 11 Jan 2006

I originally paid by credit card but they refunded that payment saying there were problems with their money transfer system so I had to send a cheque (I know, daft b*****d) which cleared in December. It gets fishier by the minute doesn't it.

I've done a bit of snooping

click here

  Totally-braindead 19:39 11 Jan 2006

I'm at a loss as to what else to suggest, contact trading standards certainly and see what they advise, small claims court is a possibility as well.
Leave the thread open a while and see if anyone has a suggestion.

  spuds 19:58 11 Jan 2006

click here click here

When companies start having money transfer problems,especially with credit card payments, I tend to get a little bit concerned, and would seek further professional advice.

  DavidM4 20:21 11 Jan 2006

Thanks for the links, I'll get on the case asap.

  Stuartli 20:39 11 Jan 2006

Any online company which seems to offer absolutely no details about its business, contact address or telephone numbers etc on its website should be treated with very great suspicion.

  Squeals 21:53 11 Jan 2006

"When companies start having..."

I previously worked for a fulfilment house which used number of different companies to help process CC transactions (WorldPay being one such company). They are often slow, expensive and difficult to work with and if a company weren't to have the presence of mind to ensure they had the new service up and running before cancelling the old one (which means paying two lots of bills) they could get caught out.

That said I would agree with StuartLi that generally no contact details = buyer beware and I would NEVER buy online by cheque no matter how reputable the company.

Best of luck DavidM4 - hope you get your money back without any further problems.


  DavidM4 19:02 12 Jan 2006

This is the website, does it seem suspect?

click here

And this is the 1 and only email/response I have had from them


Dear ePinnacle Customer,

We are writing to provide you with an update of our current activity.

Our new Head Office has changed to: ePinnacle, 4th Floor, 3 Tenterden Street, Hanover Square, London, W1S 1TD. Any correspondance/returns should now be directed to this address.

Our telephone status line will become redundant on Tuesday 3rd January 2006 when it will be manned by operators between the hours of 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Our Web Live-Chat facility has been repaired and will also go live as of Tuesday 3rd January 2006.

In relation to our Support Ticketing system, it has been decided to abandon this idea as confusion was caused when tickets were raised through the support system and emails were sent through our contact form, requiring two answers to the same question. In order to improve the organisation of customer contact, we have instead employed additional staff to deal with different departments. As of Tuesday 3rd January 2006, customers will have the ability to send messages directly to each department, ensuring a far speedier and suitable reply.

Over the christmas break our website will be revamped, with many new products added and prices slashed for many of our most common products. Competitions will also begin with the first offering the winner a 19" Dell Widescreen TV/Monitor + Xbox 360 Games Console.

We are working through the night of Thursday 22nd December 2006 into Friday 23rd to dispatch as many orders as possible before the christmas break. Outstanding orders will be dispatched upon our return on Tuesday 3rd January 2006.

We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to any customer who has experienced difficulties in contacting us over the last few weeks. This has been a very busy period for us and the steps we have taken above is to ensure a far better experience for all of our customers in the future.

We thank you for your business and wish you and your family a very warm & merry christmas and a happy new year.



  Stuartli 00:57 13 Jan 2006

>>Our telephone status line will become redundant on Tuesday 3rd January 2006 when it will be manned by operators between the hours of 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday.>>

Hardly much point in manning something that has become redundant.

Me thinks you have been taken for a ride. Just hope that I'm off the mark....:-(

  witchwood36 19:34 15 Jan 2006

like many I too have been had by ken and epinnacle. Just check out the reviews for epinnacle on ixat.net there are probably thousands of us!! I am the muppet who paid by cheque. Stupid here emailed them to check if they had received it and it was then I got my only reply from Ken who would look into whether or not it'd been received, obviously stalling for time so I did n't cancel it - it was cashed next day and I have n't received anything or heard a peep. So I called the police- do the same if you are in my boat. These people are still accepting orders for stock they obviously don't have.
epinnacle are not registered at company house and their 'new address' is a virtual one. The actual address is a trading estate but there's no trace of them there. Their last address is a house!! not a 'unit'
They have obviously been created to target the items on the xmas market that are hard to get.

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