I swear this is true.....

  Stuartli 14:41 27 Nov 2005

A renowned publication currently carries the story about a pensioner who was refused an e-mail address as his name was considered "offensive".

ISP Tiscali turned down 89-year-old Herbert because his surname triggered the finely tuned filters of the company as it contained a word "considered offensive", a description later upgraded to a "profanity".

Herbert demanded an explantion but initially Tiscali staff were coy about even saying the offending word.

The pensioner said that it took considerable persuading to get them to disclose the problem, but eventually explained that his surname contained profanity as it included the word "hump".

Even sustained pressure didn't persuade Tiscali to change its decision, as it claimed it handled large numbers of e-mail subscriptions with the use of auomated processes and to bypass them was very inefficient.

So that was that and poor Herbert can't use his surname in his e-mail address.

In case you are wondering what Herbert's surname is it's Humphreys.

As Richard Littlejohn would say: "You couldn't make it up."

  Carbonara 15:01 27 Nov 2005

Richard Littlejohn will probably also not get a Tiscali Email because of his name!!!

  Stuartli 15:08 27 Nov 2005

Never thought of that one...:-)

  spuds 15:45 27 Nov 2005

Engelbert Humperdinck got no chance then with Tiscali, better change his name back to Jerry Dorsey.Now that name may have certain implications as well :o)

  SG Atlantis 15:47 27 Nov 2005

what about abi titmus she'll not get an email address either..!

  Smiler 16:01 27 Nov 2005

I've got no chance either as my surname is Willey

But I have had no problem with my ISP

  Forum Editor 16:07 27 Nov 2005

to see who can come up with unsuitable names.

I can see the silly side of this, of course it's ludicrous that this man couldn't get the name he wanted. On the other hand.......if you saw some of the email addresses and usernames we get cropping up in our registration database you would appreciate that there are some exceedingly juvenile people out there, and they'll always try it on if they can. A company the size of Tiscali needs to automate the process because it simply wouldn't be economic to do otherwise, and there will always be legitmate names that get swept off the system with the dross.

Having said that, when someone's surname is genuinely harmless, and he notifies them accordingly I would have thought they could inject a modicum of human being into the business, and enter the name manually. Obviously they aren't prepared to do it, and there's not much one can say - it's their party, and they can do as they see fit I suppose.

  GaT7 21:32 27 Nov 2005

If I was in a similar situation I'd just use another ISP. G

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