i Pad Advice for pics etc

  Rhuddlan 20:31 17 Jul 2013

I've never used an i Pad before, but some friends of mine keep bragging on how good they are and the quality of the pictures they show me look amazing. After looking on the Currys PC World website, I see there are many choices and various prices, basically what my main requirements are is: * Good quality camera for pictures. * Internet use (occasionally, I also have a laptop for this). * i Tunes.

Any advice please?

  Rhuddlan 20:53 17 Jul 2013

Many thanks for the reply Woolwell, very imformative.

  iscanut 16:17 18 Jul 2013

I us a Windows desktop and laptop but have also succumbed to an I Pad. I put my best photos onto the I Pad as the display is absolutely brilliant BUT I would not use the I Pad as a replacement for my camera, although the results are good when using the I Pad if you do not have the camera to hand. Go for it, you will not be disappointed. As Woolwell states, you will need an I Tunes to ba bale to copy photos from your pc/laptop to the I Pad unless you have a Mac. The adapter costs about £25 into which you plug the SD card from your camera if you are transferring photos direct from camera to I pad before loading to your PC. After transferring, you are given the option to retain the photos on the SD card to allow you to transfer to your PC. However, you do not seem able to transfer photos from your PC to an SD card and then transfer from SD card to I Pad. You need to sync with I Tunes. If you budget allows, go for 32Gb.

  iscanut 16:24 18 Jul 2013

Sorry about grammar... should be " to be able to copy "....

  Ventad 19:29 19 Jul 2013

I use the iPad for photos being able to send directly by WIFI Hotspots by email /Facebook etc when away from home/abroad, and the photos are very good. For all other photos I use a camera.

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