I need to view my camera photos on the DVD player

  alpalok 13:01 24 Oct 2005

I have adobe photoshop starter album v 3.0 (the latest) free version installed on my PC. I can view the photos from my digital camera very nicely on my laptop as a slideshow or send it to my relatives as a .pdf file thanks to this wonderful software , i have not looked at any other free softwares. But my problem is that I would like to convert my photos to a format which can be played on a DVD player and send the CD to my parents. Is there any software available to do this? Is it possible to also add some animation and an introductory title etc to the output before I burn it to a CD?

  Taff36 13:31 24 Oct 2005

You`re in the wrong forum! So here`s one answer click here Tick as resolved and post in the Helproom Forum for more suggestions.

  jack 14:16 24 Oct 2005

Simply burn the jpeg images straight to a CD-R as they are. You can rename them and give each one a number if you want a running sequence using 3 digit numbering - 001/002- etc., but that is essentially all you need do.
Most recent models DVD player will deal with that with its own slide show resources.

If you fancy a proper slide show with titles, music and disolves and all that , then try
click here or wwwxequte.com and select DVDPixplay this is a free program with a 50 image limit or pay for a release code if you like it.

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