I need a new printer

  Faser 20:07 16 Oct 2003

Can anyone recommend a (near) photo quality printer up to about £150?
My much loved Canon S300 could continue to be used for documents. I am thinking of trying the Canon i850.
Suggestions please

  fitfella29 20:57 16 Oct 2003

i ordered that printer too,read a good review - click here

still waiting for it to be delivered so cant actually comment on what its like in the flesh.

pcworld online were selling them for £99 a couple of weeks back.

  Elrond 21:06 16 Oct 2003

Try the epson 900 I just got one from currys at £99. Excellent image quality

  Djohn 23:41 16 Oct 2003

The i850 is a superb printer, and if you can still get hold of one, then buy it, buy two even! It's now come to the end of it's production run and is replaced with the i865.

fitfella29 you must be one of the lucky one's who got their order in just in time. You won't be disappointed. :o)

The i850 is a brilliant printer. I have been using one to run dtp projects for a local art group and have had nothing but rave reviews onthe work it churns out.

Be wary of the low ink warning system - it must make Canon a fortune in our throwing away carts with up to 30% ink still remaining.

Finally, one of the major computer retailers - it may be PC world - is offering a short term low price - about £100 - you may want to check around carefully as price variations are scary.

  vibrant 09:26 17 Oct 2003

click here do the i865 for

  vibrant 09:32 17 Oct 2003
  fitfella29 16:33 17 Oct 2003

pcworld were messing me about couldnt give me a delivery date even after nearly 2 weeks of placing my order so ive cancelled it and ordered the above printer.

  Faser 20:42 19 Oct 2003

Thanks for the advice I will stay with Canon.
I didn?t realise the i850 was discontinued; however the i865 looks a good buy especially on the site suggested by vibrant.

  vibrant 09:37 20 Oct 2003

If anyone wants to know anthing about the i865 Canon printer this is the site.Its number 1 in pc adviser mag. ww.photo-i.co.uk

  Jester2K II 09:49 20 Oct 2003

Be wary of the low ink warning system - it must make Canon a fortune in our throwing away carts with up to 30% ink still remaining.

That comment annoys me. Canon have used Clear ink tanks so you can see EXACTLY how much ink is left - true it is a bit premature but anyone throwing away a 30% full cartridge when its made of clear plastic is a fool. Just look at the piccys here - click here

I find the warning on my S630 (same cartridges) very handy as it gives me a week to 10 days notice to get some more cartridges ordered.

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