I need a laser envelope printer

  kellys 18:46 18 Dec 2012

I'm looking for a laser printer that is compatible with Stamps.com. I want a laser so the toner will be cheaper than inkjet. I need to print large quantities of envelopes so I'm looking for something that has an envelope hopper with a straight path that won't curl the envelope but still applies enough pressure to have the toner adhere. Our current HP8150 has only 2 pressure settings, one smears the toner (not enough pressure) the other curls and creases the envelope (too much pressure). Any suggestions?

  wee eddie 09:27 19 Dec 2012

Another Possibility, lateral thinking, is to use sheets of Labels. Avery is the best known brand but Viking, have their own variety, as I suppose, do most other large Stationers.

  Woolwell 18:51 19 Dec 2012

I don't know of one with an envelope hopper with straight path. The heat generated printing a large number of envelopes could cause problem with self-seal. When I do a print run of 400 or so I use labels.

  HondaMan 11:50 21 Dec 2012

Why? Labels would be much faster. Most printers with envelope support only have a hopper capacity of about 100 and the feed rate is low. I know of no specific printer for envelopes this side of a fully commercial set-up.

As an alternative, you could always look at a Dymo Label Printer, say the LabelWriter 450

  Woolwell 12:03 21 Dec 2012

Revisiting this I note the reference to stamps.com (US postage) for UK I use a very similar service SmartStamp and although I can print on envelopes (which I do for one or two) I use labels for postage and address for large runs. Typically I do a mail merge run of address labels and then print off a number of "stamps" on another set of labels. This works very well.

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