I need help with a Web Host.

  thebadmf 16:59 12 Apr 2005

I am currently having alot of trouble with 1 & 1 Internet. I was out of the country earlier in the year and forgot to pay the bill. Having returned in March I paid the arrears. The process to have my account unlocked should take a few hours once payment is allocated.

Payments were made nearly 2 weeks ago. I emailed a complaint last week and to their credit this was picked up. However, on Friday evening I receive an email saying payment has been found and allocated and the account will be unlocked in 2 to 3 hours. 4 days later the account is still locked.

Frankly I've had enough. If I ask to speak to a 'supervisor' I am told they don't take calls. Call backs dont happen. Subsequent emails to their complaints department have gone unanswered. No reason as to why it has taken so long has been given.

I just need help on how to proceed. Is there a governing body of some kind that hosters have to answer to? I've paid for domain rental until July and this feels like it's bordering on theft. If I want to cancel my account I cant, since my account is locked I can't take a backup.

Any help would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 18:13 12 Apr 2005

that you aren't the first person to have problems like this - we've seen quite a few complaints about 1&1's customer service - or lack thereof. I had a 1&1 account myself, but one of my clients' web sites went offline for days, and despite several calls to the technical help desk the problem still wasn't rectified a couple of weeks later. In the end I gave up in despair, and transferred my business to heartinternet.co.uk - since when I haven't looked back.

We did have the promise of a 1&1 forum presence a while back, but it too failed because of their apparent reticence to respond to problems within a meaningful timescale. I'm sure that 1&1 have many satisfied clients, and that most of the time things run smoothly. It's when there's a problem - as in your case - that it all seems to fall apart. It's infuriating not to be able to speak to someone who can resolve matters promptly, and I can well understand your irritation. There's no governing body for web hosts, and you obviously need action as soon as possible.

I'll gladly try to intervene with 1&1 on your behalf if you would like me to do so. Email me (use the 'Contact Forum Editor' button in the blue box at top left of the page) with details of your account and I'll contact someone at a senior level. It's worked in the past, so you never know.

  thebadmf 14:08 13 Apr 2005

Thank you for the response and offer of help. The good news is I have come into work this morning to find that my domain's have been reactivated.

However the fact that it took 2 weeks since clearing the balance doesn't sit well with me. Once this current billing period is over, I don't think I renew... now to find a similarly priced & specified host... Anyone have any recommendations?

  ade.h 22:03 13 Apr 2005

I use Freedom 2 Surf for my website and domain name. Mostly because it's my regular ADSL service provider anyway, but also because the service is excellent and very competitive. Payments are made annually rather than monthly, so no direct debits to remember.

£12 ex vat per annum for a domain name (which is in addition to the free domain name that is provided with the ADSL subscription, and hence available seperately if you buy your ADSL elsewhere)

£24 ex vat per annum for full website hosting on your own domain name. If you don't have Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage is fully supported.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:21 13 Apr 2005

See my earlier post.

  thebadmf 13:36 18 Apr 2005

Thank you. I will check both of those.

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