I need help please i'm on the sixth monitor

  Rusty Bullet Hole 11:00 01 Jan 2004

I posted a thread click here on 21/09/03 telling my troubles over a CTX PR1400f Monitor bought 05/03/2001 from Dabs. Well to update on that story, I am now on my sixth monitor and this has now developed an electical fizzing sound. The picture is unstable, as was the last one, and I dare not use it because of the fault. Please tell me where I stand, do I have a claim for a full refund, or replacement with another model. Do I skip the service dept and go to the President of CTX Peter Hollmann to sort this. I am in know way angry about this, just at my wits end. This has been on-going for months and I would like it resolved.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:10 01 Jan 2004

If you have had 6 monitors go kaput then I would suspect that the fault lies at your end. Monitors are the most reliable pieces of hardware and to hear of one getting borked is unusual but 6..............I would seriously get your electrics examined or your power supply to the computer.


  Rusty Bullet Hole 11:17 01 Jan 2004

Not the electrics my end. The house was rewired four years ago plus I have surge protection on all my equipment. Then there is the other two monitors I have that are working fine. So no not the electic supply.

  Joe McG 11:23 01 Jan 2004

It is possible that your video card may be causing the problem.

Are you uninstalling your monitor through device manager, before plugging another one into your system?

  Rusty Bullet Hole 11:40 01 Jan 2004

I have had this problem over the last two years with two different cards so it's not the graphics card. The drivers that come with this monitor are not Ditigaly signed for XP tried with and without the supplied drivers so I don't believe that that is the problem. The problems have not all been the same and so point towards bad luck on my part and faulty monitors on CTX's part

  Arnie 11:55 01 Jan 2004

There are basically only three things to check for your monitor problems of consistent failure.

1. The monitor mains input.
2. The data input supplied by your graphics card.
3. The four-port USB 1.1 hub built into this monitor.

Check in this order:

1. Assuming you are having no problems with the supply to your computer. Is your monitor mains lead connected to a separate wall socket? If so, I would change this socket as a priority.
Also check the monitor lead plug fuse for secure contact, (no arcing).
If the lead is attached to the monitor, you can of course rule this out, since it will be renewed with each new monitor

2. Probably unlikely, but I would replace the graphics card with a cheap one, purely for test purposes and see if this stops your monitor write offs.

3. Don't use the four-port hub for the period of the previous checks.

It's a shame you don't have some feed back from the repair technicians who have dealt with these problems. They would have been able to shed some light on the root cause of the failures.

Hope this helps.


  wee eddie 11:55 01 Jan 2004

You need to examine the system which is running the VDU's.

I'm sure that you have done this, several times, so now is the time to "phone a friend", who can come and sceptically view the set-up.

I note that you were rewired. Now might be the time to check the polarity from Monitor to Mains Supply, including the Surge Protector you are using, right down to each individual socket.

  Arnie 12:04 01 Jan 2004

I notice additional threads have been posted since my previous one.

This rules out some of the info I supplied.

(Graphics card, wall socket etc).

Sorry, only trying to help.


  Rusty Bullet Hole 12:17 01 Jan 2004

I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2 Motherboard, an enermax power supply, the graphics card is a Gainward FX5600 ultra (5 months old). I don't use the usb port on the monitor as I have a powered USB2 port on my desk top. I have looked at all this, I have even ran this monitor on another PC in another room still the same problem. The first Three just stopped working the fourth was supposed to be new but wasn't and had a distortion fault at the top of the screen, the fifth had a stabilty problem as in the screen would look like being involve in an earth quake. The sixth one I have now has the same visual quake but also an electric arcing (fizzing) sound coming from the back. the best one out of the lot would be the third. Great picture, pin sharp but that went fizz pop with a little smoke thrown in for good measure.

  bruno 12:21 01 Jan 2004

If you are getting a sizzling sound is there a smell of ozone about?Years ago when I was a tv engineer corona discharge around the anode of the crt was a fairly common fault.Sometimes caused by moisture in the atmosphere.May be a stupid suggestion these days but you never know.

  johnnyrocker 12:27 01 Jan 2004

my thoughts exactly especially as the picture is unstable, ie speckly dots etc? definately sounds like arcing.


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