I need a computer for my grandmother

  MikeBEcho 14:06 25 Jul 2008

I think the title says it all...

Grandma is over 70, and has no clue how to use a computer, much less buy one. I can teach her to use it, but I can't figure out what to buy her. I figure that since she will be using this to send and receive emails, and do a little online shopping, that it can be very low-end...

But where do I go to buy a low-end computer?

256 MB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive
minimal graphics card
but also with:
large screen
light weight

Is there an alternative to a standard computer that would fulfill the need to use the internet and have a large screen? I could give her a PDA if I knew she had good eyesight and could hit the little buttons, but she can't.

Thanks for any advice,

  nosharpe 14:10 25 Jul 2008

I'd get her a laptop if I were you.

  MikeBEcho 14:14 25 Jul 2008

Yes, that was what I was thinking...

I can't find anything practical though. The big companies only sell high-end computers. I find them so very frustrating!

  nosharpe 14:19 25 Jul 2008

What's your budget?

  GaT7 14:59 25 Jul 2008

Many relatively inexpensive laptop options....

Ask friends & work colleagues - someone may have an old unused one that he/she may be willing to give away for free.

Consider a refurb/secondhand laptop - many cheap ones can be had on eBay for example. Auction, sorted by cheapest first click here. Buy-it now search £50-100 click here.

Also check here click here & click here, & at PCWorld, Dixons, Currys, etc - they do good refurb laptop deals starting at £200 from to time to time.

There's the Asus EEE range starting at ~£180 click here.

For ~£260 you can get a brand new regular-sized 15" Dell Vostro 1000 click here. Btw, this Medion 15" click here was only £225 (with a 10&% voucher) the other day - now unavailable. G

  €dstowe 15:05 25 Jul 2008

In my experience "older" people quickly become very adept at using a computer and a low end, low spec model is not going to suit her for very long. I know an old guy, over 80, who is EXTREMELY keen on gaming and has had a quite expensive top of the range machine built for him. I'm not saying your Granny is going to become a gaming addict but don't think she will sit there plodding away at a few shopping lists either.

  interzone55 17:10 25 Jul 2008

you don't need to get a new PC if your demands are low.

Big Pockets had some cheap low-end computers earlier this week. Or you could try Morgan Computers, they always have refurbished ex-business PCs

click here
click here

  silverous 18:59 25 Jul 2008

How about a second hand one off e-bay? My in-laws are getting rid of their basic compaq machine with a small flat screen and general consensus on here was that it was worth about 50 pounds, hardly used. You could get something like that I would have thought ? Any more at this stage may be a waste as she may not get on with it or may lose interest?

  peter99co 22:05 25 Jul 2008

Makro are having a Laptop Clearance Sale from 9.30 on Sat 2nd Aug until Tuesday Aug 12th.

Toshiba,Fugitsu,HP,Acer,Samsung,Sony. from £199 to £299

And I can't get to it :-(

  wee eddie 22:08 25 Jul 2008

I would get her the simplest of the Macs

  silverous 22:24 25 Jul 2008

Isn't a Mac also a Personal Computer? I certainly didn't think this was a PC only forum. In any case getting her a Mac simply reduces the number of people who can likely help her with it as unless she has a family of designers (although I accept Macs are more widespread now) then it is unlikely they will be familiar with Macs to help.

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