I just paid £67 to cancel my F9 PlusNet broadband

  Thanaset 12:53 25 Jul 2006

Hello there

I will try not to complain, but I just paid to get my broadband connection terminated. I have been with them for a year and need to move to another town. They said I need to pay to cancel the contract, unless I stay with them for 4 more years, and the fee will be reduced by about 20% each year.

First, I really didn't want to pay this amount, so I asked them about moving the line to my new house. They said they will charge me £53 for that. Well, it was a tough decision, but I decided to have the contract cancelled altogether, because I really don't want to have anything to do with them anymore.

Any of you had this kind of experience dealing with F9 PlusNet or other companies?



  Thanaset 12:58 25 Jul 2006

Now that I'll need to get connected. Does anyone know of any companies who provide a reliable connection without charging a cancellation fee in case I decide to terminate the connection? Due to the nature of my job, I might have to move again after a year or so. Thank you very much.


  Pamy 13:02 25 Jul 2006

are you saying that your broadband contract was for 5years?

  Rigga 13:08 25 Jul 2006

I think you signed up under their deferred activation and modem option.

Basically, they give you activation and a modem free, and then for every year you stay with them they reduce the cost of the activation and modem by 20% so after 5 years you owe them nothing.

The contract is not for five years, the deferred fee's have to be paid if you leave within the five year period though.

I have no comments on the rights or wrongs of this.

I presume you read the signing on agreement, and agreed to pay the fee's if you left before the 5 year period.


  jamescrocket 13:12 25 Jul 2006

I'm with virgin.net on a rolling 1 month contract, i give then one months notice and thats it. I pay £17.99 for 4MB speed, always reliable & no down time.

  Thanaset 13:22 25 Jul 2006

I think you are right, Rigga. That's what they told me when you charged me the deferred activation and modem fee.

Anyway, thinking about shopping for broadband, do you have any recommendation -- good and reliable service without the deferred activation and modem.

Thank you.

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