i like it!

  dirace_920 01:55 17 Nov 2005

In fact, I always had anti-virus tools and firewall installed in my system, but it can't make me feel safe, when I shut down the PC and it says there is still a link existing, and ask me continue or not, it made me nervous, until I download and run Antiy Ghostbusters 5.
It is very convenient to use and operate. Not like other Trojan cleaners, it also includes some powerful tools, such as the IE-Reg Fix and Process Management etc. I can restore modified settings of IE, and stop suspicious processes. The Real-time monitoring function let me feel much more comfortable, and the scan speed is also fast. I also submitted the virus to Antiy Labs, they can analyzed for me and help me solve problem quickly.
I sometimes, forget to update anti-virus software, so my computer is always infected. The auto-update function is very useful for me. I can set the update time freely, and update in the background when you are connected to Internet. Thus, Antiy Ghostbusters can protect my PC in time.
Therefore, I’d like to recommend Antiy Ghostbusters 5 to everyone, it is worth for the price and I am content with the quick and professional service. I agree with my friend, the interface also looks smart. The most important is that, I needn't worry about virus threats since I have it!!!

  Taran 14:14 17 Nov 2005

"I sometimes, forget to update anti-virus software..."

All mainstream antivirus products can automatically update on connection to the web, whether over broadband or on dial up internet access, so you don't need to forget to update since the program can be set to do it for you.

They can also all be set to schedule a scan of your system, and most in fact have the auto-update and scheduled scan set by default. What stops this running is your PC not being turned on when the scheduled scan is set to run and it not being connected to the web when it is trying to download updates.

The fact that you said "The auto-update function is very useful for me" indicates that your new-found program is set to auto-update by default. So should your antivirus software, and if it isn't, if you give details of the product you use one of us will help you set it up properly.

It is worth pointing out here that all 'real time' moitoring of your PC has a performance hit involved where system resources are devoted to the real time moitoring.

It is also worth pointing out that antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-trojan software are all reactive and several steps behind the latest threats.

Basically what happens is a new virus/worm/trojan goes live and the antivirus vendors respond to it, often after several days or even a week or two. The better programs treat suspicious activity as virus activity, but no product is entirely effective.

Anyway, good luck with your program. I still think you should spend some time setting up your current antivirus software though, just to get the best out of it.


  Forum Editor 17:38 17 Nov 2005

so I'll move it from Networking to ConsumerWatch.

  dirace_920 02:05 18 Nov 2005

thanks for your respondence!

  €dstowe 06:51 18 Nov 2005

Is this an advertisement?

  Forum Editor 08:39 18 Nov 2005

but we'll assume not for the time being.

Antiy Ghostbusters is an anti-virus application from a company based in mainland China, and I know nothing of it, save that they have what is probably the slowest-loading web site I've seen in many a day.

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