I have writer's cramp. What "notebook" do I need?

  Trenny 17:51 20 Oct 2013

I have a very shaky hand and cannot make legible notes from, for instance, a telephone conversation. Can someone suggest a simple notebook replacement. I do not want to connect it to the internet, want it kept available for use by the 'phone and need something that I can refer to previous pages ie to use instead of a ring-binder. Is there such a thing?

  wee eddie 18:03 20 Oct 2013

Notebook keyboards are usually rubbish, very cramped. A cheap Laptop might do you better

  Forum Editor 18:23 20 Oct 2013

Notebooks and laptops are the same thing. I believe wee eddie may have meant 'Netbook' when he referred to a cramped keyboard. I use a netbook a lot, and I don't find the keyboard at all cramped, in fact it's the ideal travelling companion.

I wouldn't use one for taking notes of phone conversations, though.

My advice would be to consider a tablet, assuming you would be happy with an on-screen keypad?

  wee eddie 19:40 20 Oct 2013

Thanks FE: you are correct

  bumpkin 12:13 23 Oct 2013

For a different approach how about recording your calls and make your notes later.

  Trenny 15:34 23 Oct 2013

Many thanks, I'll look into tablets. I can cope with a screen keyboard. Any recommendation as to an actual model that is simple? Preferably I would like to leave it by the 'phone ready for us by just touching the screen. There is a plug nearby if needed. I do not want internet connectivity.

I use a tape recorder for longer conversations with business people.

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