I have been Ripped Off any advice?

  geoff47 01:47 01 Feb 2005

I know it was my fault for not being careful and checking out the credibility of the site....but in my poor defence I was plagued by a teenaged daughter.
I ordered and payed through Paypal for some items from some US sites ...got one lot delivered no problem.But two other items have failed to arrive.
Paypal says it is the sellers fault but they have no funds in their account to repay my loss.Emails to the site remain unanswered and no physical addresses are to be seen.
If only as a cautionary tale for others to be aware....unless someone has any advice to help me further my investigations.

  961 10:03 01 Feb 2005

What sort of money are we talking about here?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:42 01 Feb 2005

Did you pay PayPal with a credit card? It may be a source of redress for you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:52 01 Feb 2005

click here probbaly no but did they have PP protection?


  geoff47 18:28 01 Feb 2005

Just over a hundred pound..trainers and a hat plus post and packing.
Diodorus Siculus....
.... A Switch payment...and I have discovered that Paypal transactions are covered as if they were cash advances ...so no joy there even if it had been by Credit card.
GANDALF <|:-)>....
Yes you are correct,they didn't.
I am wise after the event....one site is "Under Construction" with a Hotmail address but no answers.
The other has order tracking but only "Payment recieved"... Shipping "to be confirmed" Again no replies to Emails.
The second of the two sites looks too professional to be a scam.....click here.

I dont like to knock Paypal because I have used them on Ebay without problem...but you would have thought they would be able to make a better check on such sites.

  waamo 19:43 01 Feb 2005

But the second site has a fair few indicators that it's a scam site.

Firstly it is newly created, having only been put up in September last year. It is only registered for one year. That is not very business like and indicates that they are not thinking of longevity.

There is no physical address or telephone numbers on the site, the only contact possible is via e-mail and the e-mail address is different to the one used to register the site.

These are not proof that it is fake but all fake sites generally bear these hallmarks, basically it is easy for them to disapear without a trace.

  yourdynasty 22:18 01 Feb 2005

Hi, I own Designer Dynasty. You are correct in that the name Urban Don as only been around for a few months, but in actuality the main domain for the site frozenfashions.com has been around for over 2 years (the time we have been in business). We were going to change the name to Urban Don but ever did. Since we had already paid for the domain, we just kept it connected. The domain designerdynasty.com also is connected to the site.
We are not a scam site, but we did have some members of our staff last year that were not doing their jobs. We have since cut the staff down to only myself(the owner) and a trusted partner. If you can please contact me at [email protected] I would more than happy to help you with your order. We definately do not want our name connected with the word SCAM. We have worked hard over the last 2 years to run business as smoothly as possible.
Once again, please contact me at [email protected] that is my email directly and I will be more than happy to help you with your problem and with your order.

click here

  alB 22:54 01 Feb 2005

There's some great news for you, and well done to yourdynasty (Deborah) for spotting your thread and giving you the contact e-mail, lets hope your problem can be sorted out..alB

  waamo 23:20 01 Feb 2005

Yes that checks out. Can I strongly recommend you put some contact details on your site as a lack of physical details just screams of scam (even though now you have clarified you are obviously not)

I, personally, do not order from sites that has no addres and telephone number on them as scams are all too common. I spend a lot of time checking out scams on 419eater.com (same user name have a look, it's the best site on the net) and a common theme when spotting a scam site is lack of a physical (or fake) address/phone number.

It's really good to see a proactive shop owner and now you've spotted this I'm sure it will be resolved quickly. My comments are in no way meant as critism but I hope you take the advice on board.

  geoff47 00:04 02 Feb 2005

I am amazed and dumbstruck at the coincedence of Deborah's arrival on this site.
I will contact her and keep you informed of the outcome.
Thanks for the advice waamo and please let me know how you find out the details you gave about the length of time since the site was in place and the duration of the registration.
Much appreciated assistance....
Now to Email Deborah....I will be back.

  Forum Editor 00:26 02 Feb 2005

by the coincidence geoff47, and I'm wondering quite how Deborah came to know about your thread. It almost defies belief that someone operating a site from an American server would get to know about a single thread on a UK web forum but strange things happen.

The site in question does not comply with UK distance selling legislation - in this country all e-commerce sites must display the identity of the supplier and, where the contract requires payment in advance, the supplier's address. In addition, online suppliers must allow a 'cooling off' period of 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, during which time you may notify the supplier that you wish to return the goods for a full refund. You do not have to provide a reason for the return, and the supplier must make the refund within thirty days. I note that the urbandon.com site does not offer these terms, and makes a statement that refunds will only be provided "if there was an error on our behalf".

I have no reason to doubt Deborah's integrity, and I'm sure that your goods will arrive, but I would certainly be very interested to find out how Deborah came to know about this thread so rapidly.

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