I get a little tired

  Forum Editor 22:36 21 Sep 2003

of the phrase "Rip Off Britain". After all, if it's true it's our fault isn't it? - plenty of us must work for these companies that are ripping us all off. It's our country, and it will be what we make it, so instead of constantly whingeing about it we might get on with changing it for the better.

That said, I tend to share your view about courier companies. I use Fedex and UPS overseas document delivery for my business, and I've no complaints at all about those services. UK delivery couriers are a different matter however, and I have had several bad experiences with various companies. Delivery promises haven't been kept, staff have been indifferent, or even downright rude on occasion, and on the whole I tend to have a fairly negative opinion of the efficiency and customer service policies of such companies.

I'm happy to be proved wrong however.

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