I don't know how to upgrade my network, what should I do?

  r.james99 01:46 09 May 2015

Hi there. I am getting around 8mpbs download speed and 0.80 upload speed. I will get a server soon and need a lot more upload speed. This current speed is very aweful. I looked somewhere and someone updates the firmware for their modem and they got now 11 mbps upload speed. I have a TalkTalk broadband, not fibre optic.

Here are my options:

  • Buy new modem that is a lot faster (if there are any faster than my one (DSL-3780)
  • Upgrade to fibre optic. How good is fibre optic? How much will it improve just my upload speed? What about download speed too?
  • I looked around for a firmware update for DSL-3780 but I think they dont realease it because this is ISP modem and I think they dont want you to update it or something.
  • Is there a way to configure modem or do something that the ISP doesn't want to tell you to improve your cable internet speed?

Even if you are unsure of what to answer at least please leave a message saying "I don't think so" or like "I've heard of this but... is very hard to". Thank you very much for reading this!

  alanrwood 10:27 09 May 2015

You sound as though you are on an ADSL connection with an 8Mb/s contract. The ISP configures your download and upload speeds and as most people use download they fix the download speed to be high and the upload speed to be low. The total of upload speed plus download speed is normally in the region of the 8Mb/s which is approximately what you have. If you wish to increase your upload speed then talk to your ISP but increasing your upload speed will correspondingly decrease your download speed.

  Batch 09:44 10 May 2015

If you are on an 8mbps ADSL contract you will typically get (at best) around 7-8mbps download and 0.9mbps upload. And that is if you are "near" to the exchange. In this context near is the cable length from your home to the ecxhange, not the direct distance.

Ultimately if you want better speeds, you will probably need to upgrade your contract with your ISP (or with another ISP). If you want top speeds go for a fibre connection.

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