I can understand your irritation

  Forum Editor 14:16 13 Sep 2003

no doubt about that. What I cannot understand is the aggressive manner in which you blithely call people liars.

It's always a dangerous thing to do, and under normal circumstances I would have deleted your thread immediately. That it's still here is an indication of our recognition of a real problem under all the vindictive comment. We don't tolerate threads that incite others to avoid a company, and accusing sales staff of deliberately misleading customers is a serious matter.

I'm going to allow the thread to run, but please do not post in similar terms again.

I would personally have jumped at the chance of contacting the couriers directly - you would have been able to find out precisely who called, if they called - and when. You seem to have lost sight of the fact that Simply have to rely on information from their couriers about attempted deliveries, so the Simply staff would have been repeating what they were told.

I agree that it's not exactly efficient to turn the phone system to automatic answering twenty minutes before closing time, although it happens with other companies. If calls are in hand that will take the staff beyond closing time they will often switch to answering when they realise that new incoming calls can't be dealt with that day.

In general terms it seems to me that you haven't been on the receiving end of exemplary customer service, but neither have you been treated in a way that justifies your sweeping generalisations about the company.

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