I bid on a item on e-bay and never received it

  starlet 22:56 06 Jul 2004

I bid on a item on e-bay and never received it, the guy said it got lost in the mail,He is saying he will pay me back the price I bid for the item but the postage of £10 he will not, he say's he is not legally obliged to give me the postage back if it leaves him out of pocket.
Can anyone confirm if this statement is true please.


  SGT [email protected] 23:40 06 Jul 2004

he's right , sorry

  Stoday 01:58 07 Jul 2004

Was the £10 a realistic sum for the postage?

Some ebay sellers offset an item's cost in the postage, so they can't lose.

  phoenix198 07:50 07 Jul 2004

And some eBay buyers have been known to claim items didn't arrive when in fact they did, having refused to pay for insured or registered delivery.

There are two sides to every street ....

No implied criticism of starlet intended, just an observation with as much validity as that from Stoday

  rickf 08:05 07 Jul 2004

Most Ebayers are honest sellers either trade or personal.I have sold and bought on quite a regular basis and have so far not had a problem, fingers crossed.

  [email protected] 09:04 07 Jul 2004

I had an incident with a guy from blackpooltower via QXL goods never received by myself resorted to informing QXL of my experience their advice go to the POLICE waste of time loss of goods/money. Yes some sellers are honest but obviously both QXL & Ebay need to come up with a better way of protecting buyers they seem only to protect sellers

  Sans le Sou 10:32 07 Jul 2004

Without knowing the relative dimensions of the item it is difficult to assess the validity of the postal charge. However Stoday does raise a point, what better than to overstate the postage, never send it and then repay the money less the postage. On the other hand it seems a lot of trouble for what can only be avery small profit for the seller. Not funny for the buyer though. A check on this seller's feedback may indicate the kind of operator they are. As for e-bay, they use the weasel words "the contract is between buyer and seller" not us. All part of "Life in the big city" unfortunately.

  starlet 11:01 07 Jul 2004

The problem lies with the fact that I won the opening bid of 99p and the postage is £10 after I sent him the money the seller did not like it,I had no problem with the cost of postage, he now makes a good profit and keeps the item.
It's not fair it's guys like him that spoil it for the rest of us that are honest.
To be fair to E-bay they have given me a lot of good advice but in the end I guess I lose out, it is a case of buyer beware.

Thank you

  TBH1 12:35 07 Jul 2004

Sans le Sou (what a lovely name) has the right idea I think, have a look at the sellers feedback (too late for you now I guess) - if you feel you have been 'done' then give seller negative feedback. Also keep your eyes open for this seller trying to sell this item again - I know its possible that he / she has more than one, but sometimes it would be highly improbable. If you state the sellers name here (ain't sure if you'd get away with it), maybe we could all keep our eyes open for him/her.

Having said that, i have never had any problems dealing on ebay.

  spuds 13:03 07 Jul 2004

This is the problem with dealing via ebay or QXL, you never know what might happen until you receive the goods in first class working condition. Whilst the majority of deals go through to everyone's satisfaction with untold honesty, there is always the chance that some suspect deals may occure.Selling an item for 99pence and claiming £10.00 postage, would make me inclinded to ask questions via the auction house and Royal Mail. The Royal Mail should have some idea of the true delivery cost value for the goods in question.

Perhaps giving further details or the link to the item in question, may help in perhaps preventing others from falling into the same situation.

  SEASHANTY 16:09 07 Jul 2004

I purchased a DVD from a private seller on Amazon UK. Amazon sent me email saying seller had posted this giving date. Never arrived. After a week sent
seller an email to this effect. Email not answered so three days later sent Amazon info to this effect.
They sent email to seller by return, and also sent me a copy. Seller then replied to my email day afterwards saying he would refund my costs if item
did not arrive. It did arrive three days later - BUT - the envelope bore a very distictive postmark
showing the posting date as the day after Amazon sent the seller notice of non delivery. i.e. He had not posted off the item. I will be more wary next time - if there ever is a next time.

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