i am losing my mine FIRSTNET broadband are rubbish

  lamb2 11:22 15 Feb 2003

that is from sombody with FIRST time experance!!!
they just dont want to HELP say "alls well" and "nothing wrong" my must be loosing it cause i am here connecting to the net no faster than a 56k modem when i pay nearly 50 quid a month for 512 kbs ???? so a dialup is QUICKER than broadband?? must be ??? cause FIRST NET say "ALLS WELL"!!!!!!

  JoeC 11:45 15 Feb 2003

any problems you are having with your connection to the Helproom ? People may be able to help you on this site. It is worth a try at least. : }

  Forum Editor 11:46 15 Feb 2003

from you because of innapropriate comments about this service provider.

I rarely mention such things in public, but on this occasion I feel it's necessary. You are obviously frustrated about this, but please try to remain calm when posting. If you can provide a rational set of facts for us to comment on I hope that we can find an answer, but remember that you are subscribing to a wireless network service, and that's not the same as a landline or cable ADSL. Wireless networks are very susceptible to bandwidth issues, and I suspect that your problems are arising during peak times - would it be right to say that?

Let us have all the facts - without the agression - and we'll see if we can come up with any suggestions.

  lamb2 12:05 15 Feb 2003

sorry once agian,
so i shall change to a landland supply. mybe BT or somthing but i dont want to jump from the FAT to the FIRE Firstnet will not ghange because its is trying to sell a DEAD HORSE with wireless it is allways going to suffer from "BANDWITH" "issues" yes thanx for your help. i dont want any other people to suffer the way i have been for the past six months thats all. yes i am angry and bitter about it
why do they not say? "just we are the fastest"
but has you can see not so!
so good bye FIRSTNET wireless. hello BT or PIPEX

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:32 15 Feb 2003

I fyou are only surfing the net you will not notice too much difference between BB and dial-up. I use NTL BB quite often and am singularly unimpressed by the surfing speeds but uploadoing and downloading are faster. However even NTL are suffering from bandwidth issues.

It is only a connection to the internet and is not really worth getting hot under the collar about. Try and reflect how we all managed to survive without the net.


  lamb2 13:18 15 Feb 2003

i use the net for online gaming about 60%. downloading 30%. and browsing 5% the other 5% for warning others to stay away from FIRSTNET SERVICES.....i have just changed my line to a bt line. they asked me to concider going to bt broadband. but the contention ratio=50/1 a bit high i think what about PIPEX any one know if they are cool or not????

  Djohn 15:11 15 Feb 2003

lamb2, Thank you for your e-mail explaning why you are so frustrated with your ISP. I will not comment on the details of it in the forum, as you sent it to me direct and I assume in confidence.

I noticed that FE. has removed your other threads, for obvious reasons. Also as FE says, explain exactly what problems you are having and maybe someone will be able to help you sort them. Regards. J.

REcently signed up for Pipex b'b (about 10 days) and no problems so far.

  lamb2 15:56 15 Feb 2003

he has shone a light in the right direction for me. in witch i started the wheels turning. i have asked BT to call at my home and install a line. so i can try one of the many ADSL isp's.
like FE explained about the consistancy of Firstnet's wireless service. (IFFY to say the lest) i am concidering PIPEX like SAMDOR above.
SAMDO do you use you connection to online game?
and what connection and cost do you have if you dont mind.? and also sorry about this but i have a router/switch made by SMC not sure if it would be any good for ADSL
yours with a clint of hope

  tippucat 16:07 15 Feb 2003

Not being particularly au fait with any of this technology stuff 'Lamb 2'I have just joined up with Demon and have not had any problems (other then with OE).

  lamb2 16:16 15 Feb 2003

sorry for being angry and out spokern. you have help me a great deal. you see i was very frustated with my situation. i had no means of bringing to a end. THEY was "in my opinon" not realy helping me just fobbing me off! i feel they just dont care about the little guy...
So a means to a end is around the corner, so all being well; i we be able to get my agression out on the battle fields of MEDEL of HONOR. not at you guys you are just trying to help me,i can see it now. and i am in-debted to you, thank you. i shall keep you informed of my excodus to ADSL. but i think i might have to invest in a new router. but what the hay.. has long has it works and keeps steady and sane... thanks agian for letting me vent my anger on you all!!!

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