Curio 19:03 02 Aug 2004

I am contemplating purchasing the above Programme. Have been reading about it on their Web Page and get more and more convinced that it could be the way forward. Any current users of the above are politely asked what they think of the performance. Also what state should the Computer be in prior to installation and are there any hidden gremlins that I could be pre-warned about. Would it be worthwhile waiting until XP SP2 has been installed? Have seen a couple of threads mentioning HyperOS so info from any user greatly appreciated.

  andrew-216448 20:05 02 Aug 2004

look here: click here

  €dstowe 06:09 03 Aug 2004

This may still be relevant click here

  TomJerry 10:14 03 Aug 2004

Same as other boot selector program, Hyper OS does not interfer with OS. When PC starts, bios load HyperOS first and it gives you choice to select which OS to boot. Once this passed, HyperOS finish its job and PC is passed to OS and HyperOS is no longer in the equation.

  zootmo 11:38 03 Aug 2004

If I understand it correctly HyperOS, wants a FAT32 formatted hard disc. What you do on your computer is your business, but surely FAT32 is a step backwards isn't it? There are a lot of advantages to a NTFS formatted disc, long filename support,huge partition sizes,encryption per user disk quotas etc.

Sure, DOS and 9x systems can't read NTFS, but would that be a loss? If it would then go right ahead but DOS & 9x support will slowly dwindle as Microsoft no longer supports these systems.

  Diemmess 17:58 03 Aug 2004

Have used HyperOs for over a year now as an aging enthusiast no longer wanting to try everything just because it is new.

Plus Points and the reason I go on with it.

Win 98SE is the basis for me though I have upgraded to include 2000 and eventually perhaps XP.

1)Can make backups at will which will restore at will without fuss.

2)Did run Hyperdrive for Internet only because as soon as RAM is shut down the whole experience, nice or nasty is lost, therefore ideal for browsing in murky waters. I say did, because that means dedicating lots of RAM for that purpose and I prefer all 512Mb for 98 "computers", and am not prepared to keep juggling roughly 375 for Windows and 625 for RAM Hyperdrive.

Does allow Win2000 to run at will. This is needed for Quark on occasions to coincide with a printer's neeeds for village publications.

Minus points.

The handbook is a disaster, almost a reprint of the advertising blurb with no index and not a lot of help.

I had "Flecc's" generous help initially which had me up and running after floundering around, doing all the wrong things.

Worst of all (in my opinion) is the discontinuation of their telephone support. Now it is via the Net or do the other thing ......

HyperOs always argued that most problems were Windows problems and not their responsibility, but how does a one computer man ask for help via email if he can't even get online?

After getting that off my chest, to answer your pre-install concerns.... I would suggest a 40 Gb disk in clean order. Follow the instructions and leave all partitioning to PQMagic which is part of what you pay for when you buy this. It is a clever program though the price is high. But hey if you want the gear you have to pay the asking price!

Better still if you have a secondary HD with precious data stored ready to access when it is all up and running

  Curio 19:50 03 Aug 2004

Many thanks to all who responded, info given much appreciated. I think this system can go on the Back-burner for the time being. Will have to rethink this and see if I feel ready for this adventure in the New Year.

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