Hurry , today only !

  curlylad 10:02 31 Dec 2003

Right folks I needs a speedy answer on this one,my ma has come to visit today and has offered to go to a store and purchase a new PC for me but it has to be today as she goes back home , cheque book and all , tomorrow.She can go upto £850 , the things I am looking for are an AMD Athlon 2700 or Intel Pentium 4 processor,512mb DDR RAM,80+ Gb Hard Disk, DVD/CD-Rw Multi writer drive,DVD-ROM Drive, 128 MB Graphics, Win XP O.S,Card reader, 15"TFT Monitor.Can anybody suggest a package , perhaps with freebies like a digital camera etc etc , all responses , in anticipation , many thanks.

  TBH1 10:09 31 Dec 2003

PCW had an Athlon 3200 XP for £749 - - - -add a 17" TFT for £140 (with the PC only) - -its got what your looking for - - and much more. The Medion from Aldi's if you can still get one - - though that was £849 wothout screen. I believe PCW had a Medion p4 jobby, inclusive of 15" TFT , for £899.

  Bailey08787 10:20 31 Dec 2003

850 squids is not something to make a speedy decision with - explain to her how you want to spend her generous offer in the most responsible, cost-beneficial way possible, and get her to write the check out to you.

Then spend the next two weeks researching every aspect of your pc requirements.

(yawn, I know)

(make sure you don't buy it from a rip-off high street store)

  Forum Editor 10:33 31 Dec 2003

to PC World.

It's an ideal place to see lots of computers in the flesh, and you'll be bound to see something that fits your bill. Don't think about extended warranties, and don't think about the tales of woe that you'll undoubtedly have heard in connection with PCW. Hundreds of thousands of people (me included) shop there on a regular basis, and have never had a bad experience. The company is bound to have customer service problems with a turnover like that, and of course they've made their share (or more) of mistakes, but they sell good, branded computers at excellent prices.

By the end of the day you could be firing up your new machine. Let us know what happens.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:22 31 Dec 2003

I've just bought a Medion Athlon 3200 from PCW for £749, without a monitor and it is excellent...flash card reader, DVD and CD recorder, 160Gb HD, 512 mb RAM, etc., etc., You won't go far wrong with this one.


  Stuartli 12:11 31 Dec 2003

Unfortunately you probably had to pay for it yourself...:-)

Medion systems are always excellent value for money - they fly out of the local Aldi whenever they become available thanks to the queue that forms long before the store opens.

  Al94 12:32 31 Dec 2003

I go with the P C World solution, more special offers on today and tomorrow.

  BaronR 14:36 31 Dec 2003

Fallen off the fence today?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:24 31 Dec 2003

'Unfortunately you probably had to pay for it yourself'....Yup! Well skint now, so anyone wanting to borrow some money can naff right off.

They are flogging two, slightly different models. One comes with a monitor (TFT, 15" IIRC), printer etc., and no internal card reader...£1000; the other is an AMD 3200 unit, speakers (Labtec and rather good),multimedia keyboard (also excellent), rodent and internal card reader, XP natch, Works 7....£749 Cribbs were selling the £749 just before Xmas but I think some other stores (Gloucester esp.) are not selling 'em until Friday although they are stocked, on display, under the shelves.


  christmascracker 12:33 01 Jan 2004

Did you get one?

  Feck 17:41 01 Jan 2004

Do you by any chance work for PCW ?

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