Humax T2000 Hard Drive

  Ex plorer 15:30 10 Dec 2014

My Humax T2000 hard drive is on its way out I need to replace the hard drive as pixals are starting to show on recordings and its getting juddery.

No complaints its done a lot of work.

After removing the hard drive the information is as follows on the original drive.

(Seagate Video 3.5 500Gb HDD) (S/N 9vvfd499) (ST(3500312cs) (P/N 9GW 132-510) (Date Code 14242) (firmware sc41)

Can someone help with the correct drive I need, and link.

A little worried on getting the correct drive.

  spuds 16:19 10 Dec 2014

This YouTube video might help click here

  Ex plorer 13:40 12 Dec 2014

spuds thanks for the help and idea to look in You-tube, the link you sent may be of help to those's on how to up grade from 500 to 1Gb.

I have been in touch with Humax and they say basically any Seagate or western digital should be OK for a replacement.

I have ordered the ST3500312CS Seagate Pipeline HD 500GB Hard Drive.

I will give it a run when it arrives and leave some feed back on its performance.

  spuds 16:51 12 Dec 2014

Ex plorer - For the slight extra cost nowadays, I would have chosen the bigger capacity hard-drive. Learned this lesson via replacing hard-drives in cctv recorders, by doubling or more the recording capacity, depending on the equipment.

Any brand would do, providing it is a direct type replacement. Check the warranty though, because some hard-drives have different warranty periods, depending on retailer.

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