Humax software update

  exdragon 17:30 04 Jun 2010

Don't know if anyone else here has been having problems with their Humax since the switchover, but today when I was in John Lewis (in Bristol) checking to see if they had any more information on the OTA update, they told me they have the software and are are doing the update for you while you wait.

They've set up a laptop (and bought a cable from Maplins!) in the service department and bingo - problem solved.

That's service.

  chub_tor 08:11 05 Jun 2010

Which of the Humax poducts is the update for? Freeview or Freesat? I've had no trouble with either.

  chub_tor 08:14 05 Jun 2010

OK I see on the download site there is a new one due on Freeview next week, but I have had no problem with the old one.

  exdragon 08:40 05 Jun 2010

The Freeview 9200 and 9300. Ever since the switchover, a large number of people have had problems with: epg not populating, freezing, double recordings showing in the Recorded list, not recording the full length, considerable delay (20 seconds or more) in the box responding to the remote and so on. I've had more exercise scrabbling around on the floor to turn the box off and on again, my thumb has been exercised to its limit, manually retuning in the hope that it would solve at least some of the problems.

The frustrations are listed on the Hummy forum, and over the past couple of months, JL have been equally inundated with questions as to what can be done.

Seems as if you're one of the lucky ones!

  dastardly mutt 16:11 07 Jun 2010

According to click here
the on-air update is due on 7/6/09 10AM onwards.

  dastardly mutt 16:14 07 Jun 2010

Sorry - should be 9/6/10 (Wednesday) for 47 hours.

  exdragon 16:17 07 Jun 2010

Yes, I saw that - I've been checking regularly to see when it was for a friend. All works a treat now.

  KremmenUK 06:58 08 Jun 2010

The latest .23 software update for the 9200 series is supposed to write the EPG to the hard disk for faster retrieval.

What I find strange is that they released beta software version .22 to selected owners who all reported success. Humax then released beta software version .23 to the owners who started reporting lockups again, but Humax are proceeding to release .23 as a final !!!

Hopefully they can sort any bugs out before releasing the same strategy for the 9300.

My 9300 has sort of been OK but it has suffered lockups and failed recordings quite a few times in the past.

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